Transformer 22-100 (Wi-Fi) House/Open Plan office


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Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD for Wireless Communications Networks - for a Medium to Large House or Open Plan Offices - up to 20 metres radius

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Wi-Fi is now also a mainstay in modern homes, allowing us to stay connected and share room-to-room. This makes for almost instant sharing of digital files and information, between colleagues or loved ones.

The Transformer 22-100 is designed to be placed near wireless communication networks and can be used alongside WLAN/WI-FI for PCs, laptops, terminal equipment at the office and home workstation.

It may create a positive and relaxed working environment at your office and home workstation. The provided positive energy may benefit humans, as well as animals, plants and flowers.

Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD Best household EMF protection

Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD

Transformer 22-100 is flat and measures 330 x 330 x 5 mm. 
Covers an area of up to 20 metres radius / a range of 40 metres

How do you install it?
For a wireless router, it should be placed horizontally at a suitable safe place, ideally next to the wireless router – e.g. on a cupboard or even on the floor. The surface of the Transformer 22-100 must be unobstructed at all times and should never be covered.


Fantastic product!

I have to say that the wifi transformer 22-100 has been in the house for a couple of hours now and although we don't have our 'own' wifi in the house and this was bought in case of receiving it from neighbours houses, I have no heavy head which I always notice at this time of day and put down to being tired. It might have actually been electro smog! I can't wait to get the 28-4G! Thanks Bindi for all your advice and help and answering all my questions.


A noticeable difference to sleep and

I no longer have regular brain fog and am able to sleep well at night whereas before I was feeling the effects of our neighbours' wifi, struggling to sleep and having headaches. At home, I could hear a high-pitched white noise constantly but now i hear less intense white noise and only sometimes. Most importantly, I see that my seven year old child is sleeping much better and also my partner, who was lying awake at night for a long time and then going into work feeling exhausted. Now we all go to sleep quite quickly and feel better. I notice the difference sometimes when I go into a friend's home and get a headache almost instantly. Then I see that they have 'Alexa' and wifi in the front room where we are sitting. Yes wifi is virtually everywhere in built up areas, but at home we can control its effects on our health. This transformer 22-100 has made a huge difference for us at and I believe that I am protecting my family. I realise that this only covers wifi but not the phone masts and am thinking about your product for that in future as it is not a small purchase. Still the 22-100 is a massive step forward for us. Many thanks Bind!

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Transformer 22-100 (Wi-Fi) House/Open Plan office

Transformer 22-100 (Wi-Fi) House/Open Plan office

Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD for Wireless Communications Networks - for a Medium to Large House or Open Plan Offices - up to 20 metres radius

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