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Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD for Wireless Communications Networks - Small Home/Office Workstations - up to 10 metres radius

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Wi-Fi is now also a mainstay in modern homes, allowing us to stay connected and share room-to-room. This makes for almost instant sharing of digital files and information, between colleagues or loved ones.

The Transformer 22-30 is designed to be placed near wireless communication networks and can be used alongside WLAN/WI-FI for PCs, laptops, terminal equipment at the office and home workstation.

It may create a positive and relaxed working environment at your office and home workstation. The provided positive energy may benefit humans, as well as animals, plants and flowers.

Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD Best household EMF protection

Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD

Transformer 22-30 is a flat plastic plate and measures 210 x 210 x 5 mm.
Covers an area of up to 10 metres radius / a range of 20 metres.

How do you install it?
For a wireless router, it should be placed horizontally at a suitable safe place, ideally next to the wireless router – e.g. on a cupboard or even on the floor. The surface of the Transformer 22–30 must be unobstructed at all times and should never be covered.


It has improved physical symptoms of EMF sensitivity

After moving to a block of 12 flats that all had wifi, I began to suffer with various symptoms - headaches, dizziness, high pitched ringing in my ears, nausea, palpitations and terrible insomnia. As an author, I also found I was struggling with working on the computer for any length of time as well in my own home. I only noticed an improvement in my symptoms when I visited a friend in rural Spain - there was no wifi where she lived. I found this website through Janey Lee Grace and so I bought the Transformer 22-30. I have found that it has helped a lot. I have also bought the Harmoniser for geopathic stress as I live by a river. I would recommend the Transformer and I have done so to my many clients and via my website/blog about Highly Sensitive People. Many HSPs like myself struggle with EMF sensitivity, due to the sensory processing sensitivities associated with the high sensitivity trait. We are so much more affected by sensory and environmental sensitivities than those without the trait. We also pick up on energies and subtleties that other people might not be affected by. It's good to find a product that helps protect the body's energy field.


For a peaceful coutenance

I have felt the difference straight away after installing the Transformer 22-30. No more tinglings in my body, no more weight felt on me, no more stress and tension, but rather a sense of calm, and peaceful countenance. With time I also noticed that I was less tired as I worked on my computer. The WI-FI router is just behind the laptop I work on in the living room of our house. So I would feel the radiation very strongly each time I was near my computer.
The universe has brought me to the bioprotectivesystems site as I was looking for a solution, and I am so happy and grateful that it did. Thank you all for the well being that you help sustain.



I have disabled son who has no speech so I have no feedback from him. However, he is prone to seizures which hitherto have always occurred in the early morning when he is in bed. Since installing a Transformer 22-30 on top of a cupboard in his bedroom last Autumn the seizures he has had have all been in the evening in other parts of the house. I am therefore seriously considering protecting the whole house with the larger Transformer.

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Helpful for all homes with WiFi

use muscle testing as a positive way to test to see if the body reacts to things and I have to say that this tested strong when placed in the room with the Wifi router in it when without it the body tested very weak! I believe we should all be protected from harmful rays and particularly our children who are very sensitive when young.

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Jennifer C

I used to suffer badly from radiation sensitivity but since I have had my house protected with transformers 28 W and 22-30 I have been alright. I also carry a green 8 as protection against mobile phones when out and about and an EMF card for when needed. Thanks to all this I am well protected.


Liz G

our office is based at home and so we have four servers running 24/7 - a lot! My daughter's bedroom is above the office too and she has always had trouble sleeping since we moved here. Since having the Transformer 22-30 on a shelf in the office, her sleeping is much improved plus it also benefits the rest of us, the atmosphere is calmer and I feel better that we are doing something to manage the situation.


Feel a sense of relief in my body

I use the Transformer 22-30 for WIFI in combination with the Green 8 Gold Large. In this way I feel really protected even though I live in London with very high levels of WIFI radiation and electro smog. After I got my Transformer 22-30 and placed it next to my laptop at home I could really feel a sense of relief in my body. It felt like my body was not burdened that much with all the WIFI pollution and felt healthier. I now use the Transformer 22-30 and the Green 8 Gold Large all the time, even when I go to sleep and I really feel the difference. My sleep is deeper and I do not have problems falling asleep anymore.

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Huge improvement

I felt the improvement immediately after installing the Transformer 22-30. I don't feel tension on the back of my head any more. My head feels light as the noise or buzzing has disappeared; my tinnitus has finally stopped! I usually wake up every night then I can't go back to sleep. Just like to add that I slept the whole night! I feel like a different person and would like to say that I am happy to purchase your products! However, I just regret I didn’t discover your website earlier! Finally feeling that I have got a good life! Thank you!

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anxiety type feeling

Before we got the wifi Transformer 22-30 from you, I used to get what I can only describe as an anxiety type feeling in my chest. Most nights when I would sit quietly watching TV I'd notice what felt like heart palpitations/ fluttering and I couldn't just breathe normally, it would be sort of juddery as if I was anxious about something. I wasn't overly worried about it, just thought it was how I was. But since we have had the transformer in the house it was noticeable after just a few days that I didn't have this feeling anymore and I haven't had it since. I am almost positive this was now caused by the wifi...very interesting.

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Transformer 22-30

Transformer 22-30

Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD for Wireless Communications Networks - Small Home/Office Workstations - up to 10 metres radius

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