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EMFs and Geopathic Stress Protection for Large Home/Building 

GOLD WINNER of Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards

Mobile communication masts are littered throughout urban and suburban areas, surrounding our homes.  They occupy small geographical area but can send out electromagnetic waves. These can emit to distance of 22 miles up to 45 miles.

The T-28 has been used worldwide used since 2003 has been updated to Transformer 28-4G-H (UMTS) – the third generation of “Standards for Mobile Telecommunications” and (LTE) 4G Long Term Evolution. 

Transformer 28-4G-H has been designed to neutralise EMF radiation and may create a permanently protected area against the emissions and effects of electromagnetic radiation from high voltages caused by various transmitter stations, including mobile communication masts including UMTS (3G), LTE (4G) Long Term Evolution and TETRAsatellites, high tension pylons, high voltage installations and Smart Meters. It also may neutralise geopathic stress from the earth’s natural ground radiation, water veins, Hartmann grid and Curry networks protecting the biological systems.

Ideal for all kinds of living/working spaces for humans and animals including houses apartments, office buildings, schools, nurseries, libraries, farms, stables and other housing areas for humans and animals.

Transformer 28-4G-H Protection benefits reported by our Customers:

  • Negative feelings and sensations like headache, fatigue, restlessness and agitation disappear
  • Sleep becomes calmer and more relaxed
  • More energy
  • More mental clarity
  • Hyperactivity is calmed down
  • Greater harmony in the family, household or office
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower chance of getting ill

The Transformer 28-4G-H is the same as the Transformer 28-4G-W but it creates a broad protective zone with a radius of up to 66 metres (216ft) or a range of 132 metres (432ft). Additionally installed Transformer 28-4G-H pairs (2, 4, 6,….) increase the protection coverage. The maximum range is calculated by the number of Transformer 28-4G pairs multiplied by the radius.

GOLD Award in the Janey Loves 2016 PLATINUM AWARD

Transformer 28-4G, Winner of the GOLD Award in the Janey Loves 2016 PLATINUM AWARD

Janey Loves 2014 Platinum Awards

Transformer 28-4G, Winner of the HIGHLY COMMENDED Award in the Janey Loves 2014 PLATINUM AWARD

Certificate Transformer 28-4G


Transformer 28-4G Report

Test Report by Marianne Ratty, Feng Shui Master

Harmonizing rooms in accordance with Feng Shui

The Transformer 28-4G-H creates a broad protective zone with a radius of up to 66 metres (216ft) or a range of 132 metres (432ft)
Transformer 28-4G-H is flat plastic plate and measures 350 x 350 x 10 mm thickness

How do you install it?

  • The Transformer 28-4G-W and 28-4G-H should be placed horizontally – exactly directed by the integrated compass to magnetic NORTH to achieve the full performance.
  • It requires at least 28inches (70cms) of clear space above it, must remain unobstructed and should not be covered.


This has made my life liveable again in my house. Before I got it, I was seriously considering moving to somewhere as far away from electro magnetic rays as I could find (an almost impossible task nowadays)


Expensive, but practical and worth every penny!

My wife suffers from acute electro-hypersensitivity and our house is surrounded on three sides with telecommunications masts. Since we installed three T28-4G/LTE transformers in strategic locations, she has been able to live here in comfort and unaffected by micro-electronic radiation. iterally, the transformers have transformed her life. They are a truly 5-star product.


Life changing

Transformer 28-3G-H "We have lived for many years in house close to the Thames…we’ve both had health problems, but more so my husband who had a cough for most of last year, which was worrying. I was recommended a geomancer and dowser who opened my eyes to the problems of electromagnetic stress - our house has watercourses running underneath it - and other problems. I bought stressbusters for the house which helped with the geopathic stress, but still suffered with sleep problems and anxiousness, for no particular reason. My dog is epileptic and during this last rainy period has been crying at night, which was unusual for her. it was not until I bought the large Transformer 28-3G-H that I realised her sleep problems, and mine, and other health problems accumulating over 20 years, are probably connected to the electromagnetic stress we’ve been living with. Hoover, the dog, would often go outside and sit in the garden and refuse to come in when we had heavy rain, she obviously suffered more with the electromagnetic field was intensified with heavy rain. The minute I set the Transformer 28-3G-H to magnetic north I felt a sensation of colossal relief, Hoover now sleeps well and even goes to lie beside the T28-3G-H. My sleep is radically improved, even within a week. I carry my Green 8 Gold Large with me wherever I go now. I believe we all owe it to ourselves to enquire further if health problems persist. I feel immensely fortunate to have found Bioprotective Systems and to have a house, which I have always loved, now covered with a sense of peace.


Amazing Product

There are 2 cellphone towers next to our barn building; this has had a significant impact. We found 3 dead cows on the same pitch within 2 months for no apparent reason; had many still and premature births together with increasing ailing animals. After using the Transformer-28 all these problems no longer occur. No more still and premature births of calves, no more dead cows and all diseases have been greatly reduced. It's amazing!

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Transformer 28-4G-H Large Home/Building

Transformer 28-4G-H Large Home/Building

EMFs and Geopathic Stress Protection for Large Home/Building 

GOLD WINNER of Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards

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Test Report by Marianne Ratty, Feng Shui Master

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