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EMFs and Geopathic Stress Protection for Small to Medium Home/Building 

GOLD WINNER of Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards

Mobile communication masts are littered throughout urban and suburban areas, surrounding our homes.  They occupy small geographical area but can send out electromagnetic waves. These can emit to distance of 22 miles up to 45 miles.

The T-28 has been used worldwide since 2003 has been updated to Transformer 28-4G-W (UMTS) – the third generation of “Standards for Mobile Telecommunications” and (LTE) 4G Long Term Evolution. 

Transformer 28-4G-W has been designed to neutralise EMF radiation and may create a permanently protected area against the emissions and effects of electromagnetic radiation from high voltages caused by various transmitter stations, including mobile communication masts including UMTS (3G), LTE (4G) Long Term Evolution and TETRAsatellites, high tension pylons, high voltage installations and Smart Meters. It also may neutralise geopathic stress from the earth’s natural ground radiation, water veins, Hartmann grid and Curry networks protecting the biological systems.

Ideal for all kinds of living/working spaces for humans and animals including houses apartments, office buildings, schools, nurseries, libraries, farms, stables and other housing areas for humans and animals.

Transformer 28-4G-W Protection benefits reported by our Customers:

  • Negative feelings and sensations like headache, fatigue, restlessness and agitation disappear
  • Sleep becomes calmer and more relaxed
  • More energy
  • More mental clarity
  • Hyperactivity is calmed down
  • Greater harmony in the family, household or office
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower chance of getting ill

The Transformer 28-4G-H is the same as the Transformer 28-4G-W but it creates a broad protective zone with a radius of up to 66 metres (216ft) or a range of 132 metres (432ft). Additionally installed Transformer 28-4G-H pairs (2, 4, 6,….) increase the protection coverage. The maximum range is calculated by the number of Transformer 28-4G pairs multiplied by the radius.

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GOLD Award in the Janey Loves 2016 PLATINUM AWARD

Transformer 28-4G, Winner of the GOLD Award in the Janey Loves 2016 PLATINUM AWARD

Janey Loves 2014 Platinum Award

Transformer 28-4G, Winner of the HIGHLY COMMENDED Award in the Janey Loves 2014 PLATINUM AWARD

Certificate Transformer 28-4G


Transformer 28-4G Report

Test Report by Marianne Ratty, Feng Shui Master

Harmonizing rooms in accordance with Feng Shui

The Transformer 28-4G-W creates a broad protective zone with a radius of up to 33 metres (108ft) or a range of 66 metres (216ft).
Transformer 28-4G-W is a flat plastic plate and measures 350 x 350 x 10 mm thickness.

How do you install it?

  • The Transformer 28-4G-W and 28-4G-H should be placed horizontally – exactly directed by the integrated compass to magnetic NORTH to achieve the full performance.
  • It requires at least 28 inches (70 cm) of clear space above it, must remain unobstructed and should not be covered.


Health protection

I highly recommend this product. It makes a significant difference to how energies affect my body. I can feel the difference. I no longer suffer from muscle pain and 90% of balance issues are gone.

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Deeper sleep and feeling better during the day

We purchased this product and most of other products in the site as our baby had major sleeping problems. I have to say that within one month her sleeping was improved and even my husband could feel that he was sleeping deeper, i realised that during the day i was feeling better also. I would recommend all of them to protect you from these large mircowave we are living in where our brain is being fried consistently.


A Life Saver for Me and my Cats

Three years ago I (and my 2 cats) moved home. I like to think of myself as healthy, motivated, calm and generally happy but since moving I started getting health problems which became worse as time moved on. It started with bugs and infections, then built up over time to include...

- Lack of energy and tiredness.
- Poor sleeping patterns, sometimes not sleeping at all.
- Difficulty concentrating
- Muddled thinking, brain fog
- Bouts of unexplained depression
- Lack of motivation.
- Feeling occasionally dizzy and disorientated.
- Anxious/fearful feelings without there being anything to feel anxious or fearful about.
- Hating using my cell phone because it made my ear and head hot in sick-feeling way after using it for a few minutes.

My (otherwise healthy) cats became ill too. Shortly after we moved in, both developed cancerous growths. They survived with excellent veterinary care, but one went on to develop allergies and a nervous licking habit.

This year I took to the internet to research what may be the cause of these symptoms, and ultimately made a link with phone masts (we have 7 in close proximity). The search for solutions brought me to this website and I decided to give some of the equipment a try.

I used the EMF Clearing Card first, and felt a sense of relief straight away.

The E-432-G) Green 8 Gold - Body Harmoniser went straight round my neck. Now I only take it off to bathe or shower.

The compass needle on my Transformer 28-4G-W jumped 60 degrees on its first siting but it worked accurately in the second location I found for it.

The (E-434) Transformer 22-30 (Wi-Fi) was placed next to the wi-fi router.

I put the E-522 Mobile/Smartphone and Tablets Like iPads EMF Radiation Protection chip into my cell phone.

Finally I put the E-420-G Office and Room Harmoniser under my pillow. I also carry it in my bag as an extra level of radiation protection when out and about.

Within 2 hours of installing the equipment my brain felt 'normal' and I felt calm. The first night I slept for 9 hours straight and woke up feeling refreshed. Also I noticed my allergic cat just lay down peacefully and went to sleep without indulging in her nightly obsessive licky behaviour.

A week later I am feeling like 'me' again. Much clearer-headed, no dizzy spells, calmer and enthusiastic about my projects. I have slept soundly for around 7-8 hours each night since, and my energy levels are up. I had a 13 minute phone conversation on my mobile phone today and felt no adverse effects all. No heat, discomfort. Nothing.

My home is one of 9 apartments in a Victorian mill, within a small village set on a valley floor. There is water everywhere - a canal plus 2 rivers fed by countless streams, which converge on the edge of the village. The village, and our mill, was severely flooded earlier this year. The geopathic stress must be off the scale. The 7 phone masts and local wi-fi activity won't be helping.

The BOVIS scale reading for our apartment was less than 1000 before the equipment went in and measured around 16000 the day after the equipment was installed.

I don't understand how the technology works, but for me it HAS worked. In light of the environment I find myself in, the fact that it has worked makes perfect sense. I can't even begin to say what a change installing this equipment has made to me and to my life. Just over a week ago I really thought I was getting ill or going mad. But not now. I am deeply grateful and relieved. Thank you, Bindi.


Green house in California

Hello I live in San Diego California and I have
Been buying these amazing products for more than 11 years . I can sleep better and I don't have headaches anymore . My house is green
With my transformers and with my green 8 harmonizer . I believe we need to protect our homes and have a green house to save our
Families fro all of these electromagnetic radiation . Thank you for these amazing products and for your excellent customer service !!! The best


This Changed my Life!

I and two other members of my family suffer from ES. I havent slept naturally in literally years, and I could no ,longer spend much time in my home since a cell tower was built nearby. In fact my health deteriorated to such an extent that I didnt know what to do anymore and constantly felt ill. Thats when I started to research products that might help and found this website. Yes the transformer is expensive but honestly its worth every penny and more! My husband bought one and got plenty of good and helpful advice on our situation. All of us noticed the difference in our home within minutes, and as time went on I have actually started to sleep naturally again!!! all the family found health and energy improvements, and we can spend time in our home again- all these things I thought were not ever going to be possible. I cannot express enough thanks for this product and others my family have purchased from you - its truly changed our lives for the better and I recommend the transformer (and the other products) to everyone- especially those of us who are sensitive to modern technology. Thank you so much Bindi!


Thank you so much

Hi Bindi

I wanted to give you an update on how things have been since installing the Transformer for the whole house. My health started to deteriorate over two and a half years ago and initially started when I had a cough and cold, it got worse and lasted months,then the digestive problems started,feeling nauseous,abdominal pain,wind,just constant issues which culminated in feeling very poorly. These things would ease a little at times,then it would happen again and last for months. The worst came in September 2013. Constant headaches,extreme fatigue,abdominal pain,unsteady on my feet at times and a very scary unwell feeling is the only way I can describe it,I started to think I had a serious illness. To cut a long story short I found out it could be radiation causing the problem after having a live blood test ( I live near a pylon ) and I purchased, two green 8 larges for under my bed,a body harmoniser and a Transformer for the whole house.

Just over two weeks after installing the Transformer I woke up one particular day feeling much better. Each day since I have improved,my symptoms have gone. I feel like 'me' again. I can do normal things again,I can work normally,go out normally and live normally!!! I cannot express my gratitude enough for these products. I have to admit I was sceptical at first but I was willing to try anything and it is no coincidence that I am now so much better. Looking back I can now say it felt like I was being slowly poisoned,it was something that no matter what I took,or what I did,nothing seemed to help. So a huge thank you to you Bindi and for your products, I am so grateful. You can use this as a testimonial.

Kind Regards.

Liz (Plymouth,Devon)

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sleeping better

We have now got unit in place and have found our son is sleeping better and sleeping more central in his cot. We now find he is not waking up with marks showing he was pushing against the bars in the cot.
The difference was very quick to notice. I think the unit is worth having.


much more energy

Since having the Transformer 28-4G-W in the house I have noticed how much more energy I have and I am sleeping much better. I have also great peace of mind now which means a lot to me and once I get the Wi-Fi Transformer 22-30 I am sure that I will feel even better. My dog Nell is also more energetic and has a much healthier appetite. I had big problems before getting her to finish her dinner but now she is eating it well!


Our home seemed less oppressive and ‘clear’.

I thought I would update you on things so far with the Transformer 28-3G-W in our house. My son moved to his room last night and he did sleep better. When I have checked on him he seems more chilled out, sleeping more deeply and more peacefully. My hand used to get fuzzy using the mouse on my computer and whilst in fact we are all ill with one thing or another generally we still have energy, more than usual. By 9.30pm I am usually on my knees and barely able to lift me head off the pillow at 5.30/6.00 am when my daughter wakes for a feed, but I am better able to get up and don’t necessarily feel that I absolutely need to get back straight to bed like I am desperate for more sleep. Last night I was up until midnight talking with my mother and I could have gone on…….that’s unheard of, even before my daughter was born 9 months ago. I can’t remember a single time since we lived here that I have easily been up until this time! (We have been here 8.5 years). Also, I don’t experience the Morse Code buzzing noise in my ears any more. There is a buzzy noise, but not as intrusive. I am going to assume that until we tackle WiFi then there will always be something around. Also, my mother mentioned that our home seemed less oppressive and ‘clear’.

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A Better office environment

Since we got the Transformer 28-3G-W in our office things have been very different. As we work all day with TV equipment, computers and studio facilities the energy at the end of the day was pretty low, not to mention all the phone masts in Soho! I used to be very drained when I came home after work and one of my colleague was very often unwell during the day feeling dizzy and tired. After a week of having the Transformer 28-3G-W in the office my energy level was very different, I was more energized when I came home at night and I noticed that my colleague got less symptoms during the day. Overall there is a big difference since we put the Transformer 28-3G-W and it seems to work!


Thank you, a very sound sleep and awoke revitalised

I was researching EMF protection for my family - particularly my son who constantly woke from his sleep tired and irritable. I discovered Bio Protective Systems Green 8 UK Company and I purchased a Transformer 28-3G-W , that night we all had a very sound sleep and awoke revitalised but the difference in my son was amazing! He was up, dressed and ready to go before any of us; proof enough that the products work! Thank you Bindi for all your assistance and I wish to add that you are a charming, friendly and highly efficient person who is a credit to your company.”

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Transformer 28-4G-W Home/Building - Small/Medium

Transformer 28-4G-W Home/Building - Small/Medium

EMFs and Geopathic Stress Protection for Small to Medium Home/Building 

GOLD WINNER of Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards

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Test Report by Marianne Ratty, Feng Shui Master

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