Green 8 Gold Large Double Pack Office and Room Harmoniser


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Office and Room Harmoniser Double Pack

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Offices are packed with computers, printers and scanners – take a Green 8 Gold Large Office and Room Harmoniser to work and see what happens to your energy levels.

Many bedrooms have TV’s and computers. Students at University live and spend many hours in their rooms working on computers, watching programs, listening to music etc. Green 8 Gold Large is part of a package for a University Student. It can be kept in their bag so taken to lecturer rooms, libraries. Place the bag near and under the bed and see what happens to your sleep.

Working and Living in Harmony

The Green 8 Large is designed to be placed at the computer work stations (including computers, monitors and printers) or your living areas. 

It can be placed on the desk, coffee table, close to any Smart Meter unit.

Place under a bed, under a sofa, under an armchair it resonates with geopathic stress from the earth’s natural ground radiation, water veins, faults, Hartmann grid and Curry grids. Especially if the bed cannot be moved to a different location, the Green 8 Gold large is recommended.

How Healthy is Your Home?

An article that has been published in the June 2016 issue of Elle Decoration Magazine 

Janey Loves 2012 Platinum Award Winner

Winner of the 2012 PLATINUM AWARD 

"A superb and innovative device" Green 8 Gold Large Office and Room Harmoniser  

Janey Loves 2011 Platinum Award Winner

Winner of the 2011 PLATINUM AWARD       

Green 8 Gold Large Office and Room Harmoniser               

“Our testers found noticeable improvements in sleep patterns”
Janey Lee Grace
Author, TV Health Expert, Media / PR

Covers an area of up to 2.5 metres radius / a range of 5 metres
GREEN 8 GOLD® Large measures 190 x 105mm

How do you install it?

  • At Home and your living space, attach a Green 8 Large at the back of your electronic devices, e.g. your TV, CD player or microwave. You may also place it next to your devices.
  • Place close to a Smart Meter
  • In an Office, one GREEN 8 GOLD® Large provides sufficient radiation protection for one computer work station with PC, monitor and printer. Attach or place a Green 8 Large to the PC cabinet or desk.
  • Geopathic Interference Zones, Place 1 – 2 GREEN 8 GOLD® Large under the bed, desk, couch or chair.

Room Harmonizer

I am very happy with the room harmonizer . I noticed the difference in my energy levels .
I have more energy and I can concentrate better . I am impressed with the knowledge and customer service .



There is little investment and knowledge about the Immune System ... until getting some related health issues!?
On the EMF side, the Clearing Card and Small Green 8 products have been such a significant experience in these last months that we have just purchased some office/room harmonizers.
It has as well been valuable discovering a similarity of results even though the environment and observations are different for each individual:
Several people have used the card. One felt much more relaxed after minutes. It took me weeks before getting the same outcome applying the card daily (either on the solar plexus or on a strained part) for a minimum of 10 but not more than 30 minutes.
My partner works in an office block and makes lots of phone calls. My use of phone, computer or other EMF sources is quite reduced, but I spend a lot of time in my London flat. Unfortunately it is located in a very noisy and polluted area with mobile phone masts right in front, and for years, we didn’t realize how much influence all this pollution has on health and daily life. Irritability, mental confusion and bad sleep had damaging consequences on our bodies and relationships. The EMF solutions help noticeably in this direction!
The Small Green 8 shields have been placed on our mobile phones. I feel less affected when travelling or going all day around in the inner city. Also putting them every night on our bed tables had an impact on our dreams and depth of sleep.
This starting experience has convinced us to buy Large Green 8 products to harmonize further our most exposed spaces.


2 Green 8 Large

Harmoniser for Computer stations, working, living and sleeping areas have been wonderful; I take them to work every day to protect me in the office environment and they are always under my bed in the evening. Since having them, combined with moving house, I feel fully rested.


Green 8 Gold Large Double Pack

I didn’t know that the Green 8 Gold Large Double Pack had arrived as I hadn’t spoken with my son about my order so I was totally unaware of it being there but as soon as I walked in I noticed a change in the energies within my Home. How good is that, ha ha and I feel much better and am sleeping better up to now.

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Green 8 Gold Large Double Pack  Office and Room Harmoniser

Green 8 Gold Large Double Pack Office and Room Harmoniser

Office and Room Harmoniser Double Pack

Save up to £20 with this Multi-Pack purchase

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