Green 8 Gold Large Office/Room Harmoniser


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Office and Room Harmoniser

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You may not know it, but you could be exposing yourself to electromagnetic radiation around the clock in your home.

Reports show that some of you are checking your phone around 110 times a day. Not to mention those who use their phones as a replacement for their alarm clocks.

But this only enhances the potential risks that electromagnetic radiation has on our bodies. You could fight these effects with the Office and Room Harmoniser.

Offices are packed with computers, printers and scanners – take a Green 8 Gold Large Office and Room Harmoniser to work and see what happens to your energy levels.

Many bedrooms have TV’s and computers. Students at University live and spend many hours in their rooms working on computers, watching programs, listening to music etc. Green 8 Gold Large is part of a package for a University Student. It can be kept in their bag so taken to lecturer rooms, libraries. Place the bag near and under the bed and see what happens to your sleep.

Also place close to the Smart Meter unit.

Working and Living in Harmony

The exposure to electromagnetic radiation is significantly increased at the computer work station which, over longer periods of time, can cause a disharmonic stress situation for the human body.

  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Energy deficit and exhaustion
  • Sleep disorder and weakness of concentration
  • Nervousness and restlessness
  • Hormonal dysfunction
  • Weakening of the immune system
  • Accelerated aging of the skin
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Deficient cell generation
  • Heart complaints
  • Allergies

The Green 8 Large is designed to neutralise Electromagnetic Radiation at the computer work stations (including computers, monitors and printers) or your living areas. 

It can be placed on the desk, coffee table, close to any Smart Meter unit.

Place under a bed, under a sofa, under an armchair for protection against geopathic stress from the earth’s natural ground radiation, water veins, faults, Hartmann grid and Curry grids. The Green 8 Large will act as protection if the beds cannot be moved to a different location.

Read how these cause Geopathic Stress

Janey Loves 2012 Platinum Award Winner

Winner of the 2012 PLATINUM AWARD, Best household EMF protection 

"A superb and innovative neutralising EMF device" 

Green 8 Gold Large Office and Room Harmoniser  

Janey Loves 2011 Platinum Award Winner

Winner of the 2011 PLATINUM AWARD, Best household EMF protection              

Green 8 Gold Large Office and Room Harmoniser               

“Our testers found noticeable improvements in sleep patterns when using this innovative neutralising EMF device”
Janey Lee Grace
Author, TV Health Expert, Media / PR

Covers an area of up to 2.5 metres radius / a range of 5 metres
GREEN 8 GOLD® Large measures 190 x 105mm

How do you install it?

  • At Home to discharge your living space from e-smog attach a Green 8 Large at the back of your electronic devices, e.g. your TV, CD player or microwave.
  • Place close to a Smart Meter
  • In an Office, one GREEN 8 GOLD® Large provides sufficient radiation protection for one computer work station with PC, monitor and printer. Attach or place a Green 8 Large to the PC cabinet or desk.
  • Geopathic Interference Zones, Place 1 – 2 GREEN 8 GOLD® Large under the bed, desk, couch or chair.


Before I purchased the G8 Gold Large Office and room harmoniser, I could only work a few minutes on my computer. I would start to feel disorientated, could not concentrate and felt very ill. With the Green 8 Gold Large Harmoniser I can work
on my computer as long as I wish.



Absolutely excellent product. It really made a big difference for me at work where I had been sufferingg


Helps health and sleep significantly

I have the Green 8 gold under my bed and noticed a difference to my sleep quality as soon as I put it there. My health has improved. No muscle pain,
decreased absorbsion of energies which put my body under severe strain, more relaxed sleep as a result and an overall increase in well being.
Highly recommended for anyone who is electrosensitive.


Green 8 gold large

I suffered headaches, brain fog and sleeplessness. Through research Ifelt my problems were
Due to geopathic stress and came across the Bio Protective System.
I spoke to Bindi who is very informative and I purchased the green 8 gold. Within days I felt better
And slept better. I have now purchased the g8 body harmoniser to wear all the time.
Many thanks


Catherine Davies

I ordered the G8 Large Double and the T22-30. They arrived the next morning. By that afternoon I commented to my daughter that I felt more alert than usual. she said that she did too. Usually by about 6 pm I feel exhausted but that evening I didn't and I felt 'awake' all evening! We took our G8 large with us to the bedroom and I feel better when I wake up in the morning. My daughter takes one with her and she has found that she feels more alert when she wakes up. Thank you!


Green 8 Large - White boards in the School

When my English language school introduced electronic white boards I experience a high level of stress. I thought it was about using new technology and facing new challenges but even when I was competent on the boards the stress continued to build. After one particular week when I had been teaching three hours a day with the boards I was so stressed that every evening I was in floods of tears and thought I would have to leave my job. Another teacher at my school had a Green 8 Gold Large and suggested I take it into the classroom with me. The change for me was immediate. I felt more relaxed and able to cope and even enjoyed using the electronic board. I bought my own that evening and carry it everywhere in the school. I am sure other teachers are benefitting from having three Green 8 Gold Large in the school because the anxiety that had been present in the staff room has certainly lessened. For me, trying to rationalise the Green 8 was impossible but I know it saved my job.

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Green 8 Gold Large Office/Room Harmoniser

Green 8 Gold Large Office/Room Harmoniser

Office and Room Harmoniser

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