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Mobile/Smartphone and Tablets Like iPads 

GREEN 8 Evolution 5G optimised to the latest 4G & 5G mobile telecommunication technology

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NEW GREEN 8 Evolution 5G Smartphone.

Where would we be without our mobile phones? All over the world, portable devices such as the smartphone are the main source of communication. With roughly 3 billion smart phones in use around the world today. It’s actually been researched and recorded that people use their mobiles every six minutes, around 150 times a day! These statics don’t factor in the times we also expose ourselves to using iPads, Wi-Fi-based laptops.

We even pile on exposure to baby monitors cordless phones in our daily routines, meaning we may be exposed to EMF Radiation for up to and beyond 24 hours.

NEW GREEN 8 evolution 5G is designed for stress-free phone use. Customers have reported many benefits including less burning ears and headaches. 

The GREEN 8 evolution 5G is designed especially to be used in all Smartphones (like iPhones and Androids…), mobile phones, on digital cordless DECT phones, baby monitors and provides a reliable protection on tablet computers like iPads etc.

  • GREEN 8 evolution 5G is adapted to the 4G/5G mobile telecommunication technology 
  • GREEN 8 evolution 5G uses no power and does not affect reception or ease of use
  • Considering future technologies for Smartphones, we recommend and advise replacing the GREEN 8 evolution 5G Smartphone & Mobile Phone Harmoniser after 2 years

Winner of the 2017 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD, Best EMF Protection

Green 8 Evolution Classic 4G Smartphone 

- Winner of the 2017 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD

GREEN 8 evolution 5G measures 40 x 32 mm
Covers an area of up to 1.0 metre radius / a range of 2 metres

GREEN 8 evolution 5G does not affect reception or ease of use. 

How do you install it?
  • For Smart/Mobile phones, the new tiny GREEN 8 evolution 5G is self-adhesive, scratch resistant and discreet. It can be attached on the back of the phone, placed between the phone and the phone case, attached on the inside of the phone case or placed inside the battery compartment on top of the battery without sticking it down
  • For a DECT cordless phone and baby monitors attach one GREEN 8 evolution 5G foil at the back of the base station and one to each handset
  • For Tablets like iPads, attach directly onto the back or inside a protective case

Protecting all the family

Who knows what ill health is being caused by 5G technology. So I am doing what I can to protect all my family and have upgraded all our Green8 on our mobiles to the new 5G. I could not use my phone without it. Thank you.



Having realised that our HEALTH was going downhill without any assistance, in fact with our resistance, we started searching for the cause. Mental fog, red-rimmed sore eyes and headaches.
We bought a Geiger counter and tested - nothing; bought an electromagnetic radiation meter and bingo !. Not the Cell phone mast ! Not the electric SubStation 50 metres away but the power circuits on the upper floor, the light fittings, light bulbs, the laptops, even my mouse - it was everywhere, and over the top.
Plenty of info in the US , England not so much, until I found the Green Gang.
Kind of wondered about the action but stuck one on my laptop, one under my rollerball and over the following hours 'peace' oozed from the computer spreading outwards like treacle.
First time I felt happy to sit and do my emails for a long time. And my husband has stopped arguing in the car - one there too.
Walked through Currys at the weekend, figured I needed a new laptop - WOWW !
99% of all of the new laptops were worse than mine. Can't alter life, can't afford a faraday cage. If you can't move & effects are making you ill, convert it to human hertz, here, with the GREAT Green 8 !

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NEW GREEN 8 evolution 5G - Mobile/Smartphone

NEW GREEN 8 evolution 5G - Mobile/Smartphone

Mobile/Smartphone and Tablets Like iPads 

GREEN 8 Evolution 5G optimised to the latest 4G & 5G mobile telecommunication technology

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