Green 8 evolution - Mobile/Smartphone EMF Protection


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Mobile/Smartphone and Tablets Like iPads EMF Radiation Protection

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Where would we be without our mobile phones? All over the world, portable devices such as the smartphone are the main source of communication.

It’s actually been researched and recorded that people use their mobiles every six minutes, around 150 times a day!

These statics don’t factor in the times we also expose ourselves to using iPads, Wi-Fi-based laptops.

We even pile on exposure to baby monitors cordless phones in our daily routines, meaning we could well be exposed to EMF Radiation for up to and beyond 24 hours.

NEW GREEN 8 evolution helps neutralise electromagnetic radiation and allows for stress-free phone use, without discomfort such as fatigue, burning ears, headaches, stress, tension and sleep disorders.

 The GREEN 8 evolution is designed especially to be used in all Smartphones (like iPhones and Androids…), mobile phones, on digital cordless DECT phones, baby monitors and provides a reliable protection on tablet computers like iPads etc.

  • GREEN 8 evolution is adapted to the 3G/4G (UMTS + LTE) mobile telecommunication technology for radiation protection.
  • GREEN 8 evolution uses no power and does not affect reception or ease of use.
  • Considering future technologies for Smartphones, we recommend and advise replacing the GREEN 8 evolution Smartphone & Mobile Phone Harmoniser after 2 years to ensure full radiation protection.
GREEN 8 evolution measures 35 x 25 mm
Covers an area of up to 1.0 metre radius / a range of 2 metres

How do you install it?
  • For Smart/Mobile phones, the new tiny GREEN 8 evolution is self-adhesive, scratch resistant and discreet. It can be attached on the back of the phone, placed between the iPhone and the iPhone case, attached on the inside of the phone case or placed inside the battery compartment on top of the battery without sticking it down.
  • For a DECT cordless phone, attach one GREEN 8 evolution foil at the back of the base station and one to each handset.
  • For Tablets like iPads, attach directly onto the back or inside a protective case.


I could not be without this product. Especially as the new Smartphones have become increasingly powerful, I find that using a mobile phone causes me to feel very tired, mentally 'foggy' and makes my head hot if held to my ear. With the Green8 evolution, it is possible for me to use my mobile, even though I am very sensitive to EMF radiation. Together with the other excellent Green 8 products, it improves my quality of life every day.



I purchased the green 8 evolution for my phone and I'm very happy with it I feel a level of safety using my phone by my ear with this product. My phone doesn't make my eat hot when using it for over 5 mins if I need to
A worthwhile purchase thanku


Liz Goodwin

We bought this product, not really sure how it works, but it certainly does. I used to get frequent migraines and feel quite fuzzy mentally, and this on the whole has gone. I got them for both my children too and would really recommend them.

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Green 8 evolution - Mobile/Smartphone EMF Protection

Green 8 evolution - Mobile/Smartphone EMF Protection

Mobile/Smartphone and Tablets Like iPads EMF Radiation Protection

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