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EMF Clearing Card - created to discharge.

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The EMF-CLEARING CARD works on the Green 8 Technology which has been embedded into the card. The colour, the shape and the image on the outside of the card may enhance the effects of balancing the body’s energy.

The EMF-CLEARING CARD is the same size as a credit card and can be kept in your wallet so that it can be used at any time when you feel stressed! It does not affect your credit cards or your mobile phone. It is also great to use the in the evening when your whole family return home from work, school, studying or shopping and are sitting down watching TV, reading or relaxing.

Just place the card on your solar plexus for several minutes on top of your clothes with the picture facing down. The card is designed to resonate with the electromagnetic radiation energies to clear and discharge your body, which may help you feel stress free!

Before using the Green 8 and Transformer products. We recommend using the EMF-CLEARING CARD in conjunction with our products. 

EMF Clearing Card measures 85 x 54 mm

How to use?

  • Apply the colorful image face-down on your solar plexus for 5-10 minutes.
  • One card can be used by the whole family.
  • The manufacturers recommend that the card is replaced after 3 years.

Quality sleep

I had forgotten about my EMF Clearing Card and used it last night having had quite a few problems with EMF stress in my body. I slept for 8 hours straight. This for me is unheard of!! I’m always waking up 2-6 times a night. Sometimes never to get back to sleep. Last night was an awesome nights sleep! Thank god for this product. Im looking forward to receiving the rest of the goodies I’ve bought to protect my home


Very pleased

I took my clearing card to my last appointment with my kinesiologist. She was very impressed with it and, from her testing, said she feels it balances the electrical frequencies in the body that become abnormal in illness/disease. She said she was going to get one for herself! I use it for many things, including when my pet bird was very sick and had to have an x-ray. Great product.


Great product.

The very first time I used this card, I felt a strange pulsing throughout my body and thought WOW. It only happened the one time but that was proof enough this product was going to work and i always seem to sleep better after using it in the evening, great product.


EMF Clearing Card relieves pressure

I can feel pressure on my system decreasing when I use the EMF clearing card. It's particularly useful when travelling. I don't go anywhere without it

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Every time I look at this card I immediately sigh and relax. I have no idea how it works but it does. It makes me relax and I can feel things staring to flow.


EMF Clearing Card -A Life Saver

Sometime back I had a very bad Flu and being Asthmatic I was dreading a serious attack.My niece lent me her EMF Clearing Card.I placed it on my chest as instructed and to my amazement I started feeling well and my wheezing also subsided.Further use helped clear my symptoms without any serious consequences.soI purchased one straight away.Now I use it all the time.It has had such a positive effect on my body.


EMF clearing card

The EMF clearing card I call a beautiful relief. Connecting with the colors first off has a relaxing effect on the brain and nerves. Secondly placing the card on the body brings almost instantly relief and relaxation. I really love this simple but effective product. My daughter at the age of 6 used it to help her overcome stage fright when performing competitions . It settled her little body down in a graceful way.


Help to balance body energy

I was using this card for about three years, and I have to admit that it helps with various body tension and headache. Just place it anywhere on the body that you think that there is a energy blockage. It helps to study better and concentrate. It is a must have product.


Skeptical at first

Have to say I was skeptical at first but the clearing card has impressed me for the strong energy power and little time needed to clear emf from aura and body. I use it the way suggested on my solar plexus to clear static, electrostatic emf from various devices and have to say it works. Within little time I feel lighter, clearer and cleansed from static energy. I put it on my ears after using headphones and I feel the difference, also under my cushion at night and not only I dream but remember my dreams, unheard of before using it. Overall pleased with product.


This is amazing!

My family have bought a number of products from this site since we suffer from electrosensitivity and they all have made such an improvement to how we feel at home and when we have to travel-so when this new clearing card became available I asked my husband to buy one for us. I was amazed at the effect this little card can have! It does take a bit longer to work on us as we are very sensitive, but the fact is that it really*does* work! when I place it on the areas that I have pain it helps ease it away, also when clearing EMF build up it gives us instant relief that increases the longer we use it. When my husband returns home from work I can literally feel him tingling with electricity (which passes on to me) so we use the card, and the bad feeling goes! When he has a migraine from using computers, he places the card on his head, and it helps clear the migraine. I carry this card everywhere! it really is amazing! thank you again!



I am electro-sensitive and have suffered from light and disturbed sleep for many years. I can’t sleep where there are cordless phones. The first time I lay on the EMF Clearing Card on going to bed, I could feel a tingling sensation in the area of my kidneys/adrenal glands as though they were being de-stressed. My sleep that night felt deeper and I didn’t wake as early as I normally would.
I now sleep on the EMF clearing card all night and find that I sleep through the night without waking, which I haven’t done in years. My sleep is more refreshing and much deeper than previously, when the slightest noise would disturb me. I always take the card with me when I’m away from home. Along with all the other approaches I use, it’s made a big difference to my daily functioning, as I now feel much calmer and I’m less prone to getting agitated. It just shows how much our adrenal glands are revved up by the constant electro-smog we’re all surrounded by.”

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EMF Clearing Card

EMF Clearing Card

EMF Clearing Card - created to discharge.

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