Green 8 - The Studies Part 6

Green 8 is a functioning product family

Green 8


Even though Green 8 for mobile phones may be the best-known and most widely used Green 8 product, the other products of the group have also proved necessary. Here is a brief account of all of them. Let’s start with the smallest of the series.


For extra small mobile phones with no room for Green 8-2 Personal protection against stress effects. (On the way.)


Normal-size “for mobile phones wireless phones, for instance, for wireless telephones and also wireless stereo earphones. 4,5 cm x 2,5 cm.


Protection for portable computers against effects caused by electromagnetic radiation. Can also be carried in the pocket while at work. Size appr. 8,5 cm x 5 cm.


Computers, TV, earth radiation caused by geopathic stress, bed rooms. Size appr. 19 cm x 11 cm.

Green 8

P.S.T. 25 

A disk, 33 mm in diameter, with copper-coloured 8 on it. For refrigerators to protect food. Also for gene-manipulated food.

The Best System screen. The results can be seen both as exact acupuncture points and different kinds of graphs. This American research equipment, costing USD 25.000, is used in Finland by 8 doctors at the moment. In other countries there are thousands of Best Systems apparatuses in use.

P.S.T. 24

A disk, 33 mm in diameter, with a copper-coloured 8 on it, equipped with a neck strap. For body protection.

P.S.T. 23

For protection against both high and low satellite frequencies, especially against GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation system used, for example, in cars, trucks, airplanes and trains.

P.S.T. 28

The flagship of the family as far as the size and effectivity are concerned. Gives an extensive, up to 66-metre-range protection against all high frequency elec-tromagnetic radiation from telephone nets and other transmitters, satellites etc. (in the large picture in front of Friedrich Bauer under the compass). With the help of two-sided stickers, the disk is placed in a sheltered spot, in exact line with the points of compass. In about 24 hours the energy level of the are has risen to quite a new level.

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