Green 8 - The Studies Part 2

Additional Research in Finland Using BEST Systems Equipment.

After the multi event in Finlandia House we all carried  a small Green 8 in our mobiles. David Furlong from England was also in Finland doing research work on allergies and other effects with Best Systems equipment in our office. He also wished to test the effects of the phone on us with and without Green 8. The results of the research were a shock to all of us. David took from Nettan 5 different readings from the so-called points of allergy: - phone in the other room.

  •  Phone in pocket ready for use.
  • Talking on the phone.
  • Green 8 installed in the phone, phone in pocket ready for use.
  • Talking on the phone with Green 8 installed.

In international tests the radiation readings of Nokia 6210 have been slightly lower than those of model 3310, which can clearly be seen in the research results with Best Systems equipment. The important thing, however, is that Green 8 completely removed, according to David Fulong’s research, the allergic effects of the mobile phone.  Another essential test result was that keeping the phone in the pocket ready for use is nearly as hazardous as actual-ly talking on the phone. Every one should seriously consider the health risks in the groin area.

David Furlong on his Research

In my opinion, the right way to measure the harmful effects of a certain substance or device on man is via man. The body does not lie and the results can be seen even before the physical symptoms appear. Consequently, the balancing measures can be the American Best Systems equipment for several years and I am convinced that the results are valid.   Took an interest in Green 8 in the Mina Olen multi event where I met the German Friedrich Bauer. I realized that the Best Systems equipment was a good instrument for finding the deviations caused by the radiation effects on man in various different situations. I was greatly amazed myself how clear the results were. Green 8 may seem an extremely simple device but, according to the research equipment, it removes completely the allergic effects of the phone on man.David Furlong.

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