Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Transformer 28-5G

EF 22 Dec 2020
Worth the investment
Despite having the 4G transformer already, over the summer my M.E/Chronic Fatigue symptoms started getting worse, and I began to experience a feeling of constant, growing stress and pressure. It got to the point where I struggled to concentrate on anything.

At first, I put this down to other things, but it continued to get worse - and I also realised we had got 5G in our area over the summer.
Even though I had a feeling 5G might be at least part of the cause, I was still surprised by how much difference I have felt since getting the T28 5G. I started noticing that my stress levels were reducing and the feeling of pressure was very much less. I find I don't get stressed so easily and when I do, my system tends towards calming down again, rather than just getting more and more agitated.

All in all, the difference the T28 makes to my quality of life means I really couldn't be without it, and I feel it's definitely worth the investment

Francis Wells 21 Apr, 2020
Since having this in the home I have slept much better than ever before despite having moved to a house situated less than a mile from electricity pylons, also within 20 feet of an electricity substation and having a smart meter in the house.

Gemma C 20 Apr, 2020
5G Transformer
My family and I noticed an immediate effect when we installed the 5G transformer. We could feel the atmosphere in our home shift to a more calmer energy, my son stopped getting weekly nose bleeds and we all slept much better. This device is fundamental for peoples protection from 5G. If you do the research you will find out there has been absolutely no testing for the safety of 5G and I am deeply grateful this product is on the market to protect my family.

Margaret Barr 15 Apr, 2020
I love the peace of mind this Transformer gives me. With 5G being rolled out I despair what this is doing to mankind not to mention nature. You can’t put a price on health so I would recommend this product to anyone worried about the effects of EMF’s.

James Gaffney 9 Apr, 2020
Excellent product
I'm glad I purchased this product. It was a bit of an investment but worth it for the peace of mind it gives me in my home. Have to say I'm sleeping better than ever and the cat looks pretty content too. It's easy to set up and orientate to the correct pole. In these stressful times it helps to be protected from the geopathic stress of 4 and 5G and Wifi in the home. Highly recommended.

Sarah W 16 Dec, 2019
Feels like this helps
I was recommended this product by a lady who said that it had allowed her to live alongside a smart meter, which had otherwise made her ill. I had a similar experience with one of these meters, but luckily was able to get it removed. That said, I have been affected by neighbours' smart meters and have spent a lot of money trying to reduce this over the last few years. ( I have no wireless devices of my own in the house) This transformer has made a positive difference to the house and garden area - itt feels calmer. It also seems to have much reduced/almost stopped the aching limbs and palpitations which have been, I feel, linked to the increase of 5G satellites during 2019. It is a lot of money to pay out - but for me, health and finding ways to cope with emf radiation is of more pressing concern than holidays etc. I worry very much about how this radiation is also effecting nature.

Green 8 Evolution 5G

Alexandra Watson 11 Apr, 2020
Very pleased with purchase. I placed it on my phone 2 weeks ago and already feel more energetic, sleep better. The other 3 pieces are waiting to be given to my children and grandchild as birthday presents within the next few months. Many thanks for marketing it!

Vicki Davidson Apr 10, 2020
Another brilliant product and I shall update all my older 4G Green 8 evolutions for cordless DECT phones, mobiles/smartphones etc with this new product.

Jill Wright Apr 9, 2020
Protecting all the family
Who knows what ill health is being caused by 5G technology. So I am doing what I can to protect all my family and have upgraded all our Green8 on our mobiles to the new 5G. I could not use my phone without it. Thank you.

Caroline N Dec 9, 2019
Having realised that our HEALTH was going downhill without any assistance, in fact with our resistance, we started searching for the cause. Mental fog, red-rimmed sore eyes and headaches.

We bought a Geiger counter and tested - nothing; bought an electromagnetic radiation meter and bingo !. Not the Cell phone mast ! Not the electric SubStation 50 metres away but the power circuits on the upper floor, the light fittings, light bulbs, the laptops, even my mouse - it was everywhere, and over the top.
Plenty of info in the US , England not so much, until I found the Green Gang.
Kind of wondered about the action but stuck one on my laptop, one under my rollerball and over the following hours 'peace' oozed from the computer spreading outwards like treacle.
First time I felt happy to sit and do my emails for a long time. And my husband has stopped arguing in the car - one there too.
Walked through Currys at the weekend, figured I needed a new laptop - WOWW !
99% of all of the new laptops were worse than mine. Can't alter life, can't afford a faraday cage. If you can't move & effects are making you ill, convert it to human hertz, here, with the GREAT Green 8 !

Ros C Aug 30, 2016
A Life Saver for Me and my Cats
Three years ago I (and my 2 cats) moved home. I like to think of myself as healthy, motivated, calm and generally happy but since moving I started getting health problems which became worse as time moved on. It started with bugs and infections, then built up over time to include... 

- Lack of energy and tiredness. 
- Poor sleeping patterns, sometimes not sleeping at all. 
- Difficulty concentrating 
- Muddled thinking, brain fog 
- Bouts of unexplained depression 
- Lack of motivation. 
- Feeling occasionally dizzy and disorientated. 
- Anxious/fearful feelings without there being anything to feel anxious or fearful about. 
- Hating using my cell phone because it made my ear and head hot in sick-feeling way after using it for a few minutes. 

My (otherwise healthy) cats became ill too. Shortly after we moved in, both developed cancerous growths. They survived with excellent veterinary care, but one went on to develop allergies and a nervous licking habit. 

This year I took to the internet to research what may be the cause of these symptoms, and ultimately made a link with phone masts (we have 7 in close proximity). The search for solutions brought me to this website and I decided to give some of the equipment a try. 

I used the EMF Clearing Card first, and felt a sense of relief straight away. 
The E-432-G) Green 8 Gold - Body Harmoniser went straight round my neck. Now I only take it off to bathe or shower. 
The compass needle on my Transformer 28-4G-W jumped 60 degrees on its first siting but it worked accurately in the second location I found for it. 
The (E-434) Transformer 22-30 (Wi-Fi) was placed next to the wi-fi router. 
I put the E-522 Mobile/Smartphone and Tablets Like iPads EMF Radiation Protection chip into my cell phone. 
Finally I put the E-420-G Office and Room Harmoniser under my pillow. I also carry it in my bag as an extra level of radiation protection when out and about. 

Within 2 hours of installing the equipment my brain felt 'normal' and I felt calm. The first night I slept for 9 hours straight and woke up feeling refreshed. Also I noticed my allergic cat just lay down peacefully and went to sleep without indulging in her nightly obsessive licky behaviour. 

A week later I am feeling like 'me' again. Much clearer-headed, no dizzy spells, calmer and enthusiastic about my projects. I have slept soundly for around 7-8 hours each night since, and my energy levels are up. I had a 13 minute phone conversation on my mobile phone today and felt no adverse effects all. No heat, discomfort. Nothing. 

My home is one of 9 apartments in a Victorian mill, within a small village set on a valley floor. There is water everywhere - a canal plus 2 rivers fed by countless streams, which converge on the edge of the village. The village, and our mill, was severely flooded earlier this year. The geopathic stress must be off the scale. The 7 phone masts and local wi-fi activity won't be helping. 

The BOVIS scale reading for our apartment was less than 1000 before the equipment went in and measured around 16000 the day after the equipment was installed. 

I don't understand how the technology works, but for me it HAS worked. In light of the environment I find myself in, the fact that it has worked makes perfect sense. I can't even begin to say what a change installing this equipment has made to me and to my life. Just over a week ago I really thought I was getting ill or going mad. But not now. I am deeply grateful and relieved. Thank you, Bindi.

Adriana K May 30, 2016
Green house in California

Hello I live in San Diego California and I have been buying these amazing products for more than 11 years . I can sleep better and I don't have headaches anymore . My house is green 
With my transformers and with my green 8 harmonizer . I believe we need to protect our homes and have a green house to save our 
Families fro all of these electromagnetic radiation . Thank you for these amazing products and for your excellent customer service !!! The best
Jennifer C May 23rd, 2016
I used to suffer badly from radiation sensitivity but since I have had my house protected with transformers 28 W and 22-30 I have been alright. I also carry a green 8 as protection against mobile phones when out and about and an EMF card for when needed. Thanks to all this I am well protected.
Eleanor Oct 19, 2014
I have had the Transformer 28-3G and the Transformer 22-30 in my house for over 2 years now and I can honestly say that hardly a day goes by when I do not feel so thankful that I found your website and the Green8 products. They have made such a difference to my quality of life. 

I have M.E., which was being worsened by electricity pylons at the end of my road (which were affecting me badly), and was also suffering great discomfort from Wi-Fi around me. I had previously tried researching and using crystals to help reduce the effects of this electromagnetic pollution, but although they did help to a limited extent, it was insufficient to really make a difference. In addition, they became energetically 'dirty' very quickly and needed cleansing continually, which I found tiring and stressful. The contrast with the Green8 products was amazing. A few minutes after installing the Transformer 22-30, I felt a calm, quiet and light energy begin to spread through the house. Within 30 minutes, it was as though the ceaseless 'noise' and agitation in my head and body had finally been turned off. My whole body relaxed involuntarily, and I felt peaceful for the first time in a long time. 

Also since installing the Transformer 28-3G, I am no longer aware of the pylons and feel comfortable in my own home for the first time. People coming to the house, including two different spiritual healers who work with 'subtle' energy, also commented on the 'good energy', or that it feels 'homely' and 'peaceful'. All my family have slept better from the first night the Transformers were installed and I no longer feel the headaches and nausea from electromagnetic stress. I feel calmer in myself and have noticed that, over time, therapies and treatments that I have for the M.E. seem to be having a greater and more lasting effect. In addition, the Green8 products need no maintenance apart from dusting, which is great for me! 

I felt physically terrible and utterly desperate at the time I found your website, but the Green8 products transformed my everyday quality of life. I feel hopeful and more positive about the future as well, and will always be sincerely grateful for this.

Jana Oct 04, 2014 
I am returning customer, bought Green 8 Gold for my mobile phone, one for my son, I put Green 8 Gold Large under my bed for good sleep and Transformer 22-30 to neutralize wifi in the house I live. Since I bought my first bioprotective products about two years ago I can finally sleep without feeling that funny buzzing in my head I was sensitive to EMF as I found out. These days we need to protect ourselves from all that harmful radiation coming from all these wifi gadgets we use, from our smart televisions, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, especially when 3 people living in one house own one of these gadgets each. I must announce I feel physically and emotionally balanced since I discovered Bindi's website. Bindi was very helpful giving me valuable advice considering place I lived and worked and my own house. Delivery was quick, products perfectly wrapped. Thank you!
Sally Aug 21, 2014 
Really happy with the products and service of bioprotective systems. Bindi is extremely helpful and delivery is instant. I have the whole set for my office, home and mobile/computer and definitely feel less tired and drained by the end of the day. Highly recommend!
Kathleen Jun 19, 2014
I have been really happy with my products. Since wearing the Premium body harmoniser, I now have far fewer headaches. I have also purchased Transformer 28-4G-W home protector. Having been away from home now for a few weeks, I am missing having this around and find that I have been getting ill. I really feel that it was helping to keep me and the family's immune system strong. Thank you.
Vibrant Lives Feb 06, 2014
Thank you Bindi for such kind and thorough advice about electro smog and lots of other health issues. I bought the Green 8 products and I think they have been helpful though my family is lucky to be healthy already so the impact is less obvious
Jean Dec 17, 2013
Never slept so peaceful, home feels calm and peaceful. Pains in arm gone also headaches. Would not be without device now, it really works.
Simon Ingram Nov 20, 2013
I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in May 2003. Having suffered with the debilitating symptoms of the illness for a number of years I finally underwent Deep Brain Stimulation surgery in 2010. This was never intended to be a cure, indeed a number of the symptoms persist to this day. However, I have found that since taking delivery of the Green 8 products mid-way through 2012 my condition has stabilised. In my opinion Green 8 products have played a significant part in the successes I've achieved in the last 18 months as my battle with this degenerative illness continues.

Green 8 Evolution

Daphne 16th Nov, 2018
Effects tested
My therapist used a Vegatest devIce to test the effect of my phone on me, with and without the Green 8 protection. The protection did what it says, it totally removed the negative effect of my phone on me.

Gitte Dahl 14th Nov, 2018
Big Difference
Have just bought these and can notice a big difference on my mobile when I have it near me. I have also tested it kinesiologically and can see that there is a very big difference in how we are affected by it with and without the product from Bio Protective Systems.

Eleanor F Jun 20, 2016
I could not be without this product. Especially as the new Smartphones have become increasingly powerful, I find that using a mobile phone causes me to feel very tired, mentally 'foggy' and makes my head hot if held to my ear. With the Green8 evolution, it is possible for me to use my mobile, even though I am very sensitive to EMF radiation. Together with the other excellent Green 8 products, it improves my quality of life every day.
Katy Haigh Jun 02, 2016
I purchased the green 8 evolution for my phone and I'm very happy with it I feel a level of safety using my phone by my ear with this product. My phone doesn't make my eat hot when using it for over 5 mins if I need to 
A worthwhile purchase thanku
Liz G May 18, 2016
We bought this product, not really sure how it works, but it certainly does. I used to get frequent migraines and feel quite fuzzy mentally, and this on the whole has gone. I got them for both my children too and would really recommend them.

Green 8 Gold 

Adelia T Aug 30, 2014
Green Gold 8 really works
I used to have terrible problems with a mobile phone.. my ear would get hot and my head would hurt and it would be impossible to have a conversation... but the Green Gold 8 really works, and I have also tested the device with the help of my kinesiologist which really confirmed its efficacy. Thank you
Ruth D Aug 02, 2013 
Green 8 Small for Mobile Phone Protection.
I have only been using the GREEN 8 for my mobile, for about two weeks. I immediately noticed that during long mobile conversations the old burning sensation has disappeared. For that reason alone, I feel better! I am thinking of purchasing more for my family, and just inserting them into their phones, especially for those non-believers!
Alison M Mar 23, 2012 
Green 8's
We have been using the Green 8's for our iPhones plus Blackberry and noticed that the phones no longer produced any heat so no more hot ears! We are also wearing the Transformer 24's, my husband and I have noticed more clarity, less anxiety and more strength since using them. Our 3 year old daughter wears one too. We would happily recommend the Green 8 products!
Dora Mar 12, 2010
Green 8
I purchased 2 x Green 8's for my 2 daughters who are constantly on their mobile phones. I spoke to Bindi and found her to be very helpful, professional and full of excellent advice. One of my daughters complained of frequent headaches and since fitting the Green 8 Smalls in their mobile phones, she hardly has any. The mobiles used to heat up and now they don’t. I feel so much better knowing that my girls are protected and would highly recommend them.
Tanya R Mar 12, 2010 
Green 8 Small
I have been using Green 8 Small for about a year now and used to have a ringing in my ears if I was talking on the mobile for too long. Not only have I not experienced this since putting the GREEN 8 Small into my phone, but I cannot remember having the same pressure headaches I used to suffer from!... It is just a relief to know that I am doing something to protect me and my family.
Alex L Sept 01, 2013 
Green 8 - cordless phones, mobile and baby monitor
I bought three packs of green 8 foils this time last year and would recommend them. I use them on my cordless house phone, mobile phone and also our baby monitor & sensor mat. I have noticed a great difference in the mobile especially as it doesn’t get hot or give me a head ache any more when I am chatting for a long time. Thanks!
Peter R Aug 02, 2013 
Green 8 Small
For 2 months I have been using the GREEN 8 for my cell phone and the cordless DECT phone. When I first used these phones I always got headaches. Since I have installed the GREEN 8 in both phones my symptoms have disappeared completely. I am very happy about that and can absolutely recommend this product based on my experience.

Green 8 Gold Medium

Susan Jane May 17th, 2017
The company
Bindi is knowledgeable, helpful, supportive and responds to every query quickly. What more could one ask of any organisation?
Karen H October 30, 2013
GREEN 8 Medium on my laptop
I’ve definitely noticed a difference, particularly on my laptop. I no longer get a tingly hand, headache and exhaustion using GREEN 8 Medium on my laptop. Thank you
Natalie B October 21, 2011 
Green 8 Medium for Laptop
I am already thrilled with the products; I have been using the Green 8 Medium on my laptop and can now use it for longer than an hour without adverse effects, which is a first! My family and I have been waiting for a product like this for several years and I wish I had discovered them sooner!

Green 8 Gold Office/Room Harmoniser

Louisa Johnson Aug 13th, 2017
Thank you so much for your help, we spoke on the phone for an hour you were so patient and helpful. This is truly a God send, before I felt like I had shingles (what I've read shingles is like) waking up shaking inside it has totally gone away since putting this under my bed, if I forget it comes back quickly!! so I know for sure it's this product!! I'm so glad I didn't go to the doctors but came to you instead! You did a Geopathic stress test for me, something I hadn't heard of before. I also carry this product in my bag when I go out so I am protected all the time. The Body Harmoniser and Clearing Cards are helping so much with the EMF radiation smog . This has been a real life saver with getting on top of my health issues and life as well as cutting out sugar and eating organic food. I am much calmer, anxiety free almost, am able to focus and concentrate better, my mind is much sharper and less brain smog. But the main thing is my pains in my heart have gone which I've had for over a year. Wifi is like something out of H Potter and the death eaters sucking life force out. I've had the wifi card removed from my laptop and now have an ethernet cable it is the best thing I've ever done and buy your products. I'm going to buy the house harmoniser next. Thank you Bindi you’re an Angel : ) Louisa

Dr Lesley Lloyd May 23rd, 2017
Before I purchased the G8 Gold Large Office and room harmoniser, I could only work a few minutes on my computer. I would start to feel disorientated, could not concentrate and felt very ill. With the Green 8 Gold Large Harmoniser I can work on my computer as long as I wish.

Jan Borgen May 17th, 2017
Absolutely excellent product. It really made a big difference for me at work where I had been suffering
Roisin Sheridan May 17th, 2017
Helps health and sleep significantly
I have the Green 8 gold under my bed and noticed a difference to my sleep quality as soon as I put it there. My health has improved. No muscle pain, decreased absorbsion of energies which put my body under severe strain, more relaxed sleep as a result and an overall increase in well being. Highly recommended for anyone who is electrosensitive.
Syb Jan 15th, 2017
Green 8 gold large
I suffered headaches, brain fog and sleeplessness. Through research I felt my problems were Due to geopathic stress and came across the Bio Protective System. I spoke to Bindi who is very informative and I purchased the green 8 gold. Within days I felt better And slept better. I have now purchased the g8 body harmoniser to wear all the time. Many thanks
Catherine Davies Nov 12th, 2015
I ordered the G8 Large Double and the T22-30. They arrived the next morning. By that afternoon I commented to my daughter that I felt more alert than usual. she said that she did too. Usually by about 6 pm I feel exhausted but that evening I didn't and I felt 'awake' all evening! We took our G8 large with us to the bedroom and I feel better when I wake up in the morning. My daughter takes one with her and she has found that she feels more alert when she wakes up. Thank you!
Adriana K Jun 02, 2016
Room Harmonizer
I am very happy with the room harmonizer. I noticed the difference in my energy levels. I have more energy and I can concentrate better. I am impressed with the knowledge and customer service.
Angela M Aug 19, 2015

There is little investment and knowledge about the Immune System ... until getting some related health issues!?
On the EMF side, the Clearing Card and Small Green 8 products have been such a significant experience in these last months that we have just purchased some office/room harmonizers. 
It has as well been valuable discovering a similarity of results even though the environment and observations are different for each individual:
Several people have used the card. One felt much more relaxed after minutes. It took me weeks before getting the same outcome applying the card daily (either on the solar plexus or on a strained part) for a minimum of 10 but not more than 30 minutes.
My partner works in an office block and makes lots of phone calls. My use of phone, computer or other EMF sources is quite reduced, but I spend a lot of time in my London flat. Unfortunately it is located in a very noisy and polluted area with mobile phone masts right in front, and for years, we didn’t realize how much influence all this pollution has on health and daily life. Irritability, mental confusion and bad sleep had damaging consequences on our bodies and relationships. The EMF solutions help noticeably in this direction!
The Small Green 8 shields have been placed on our mobile phones. I feel less affected when travelling or going all day around in the inner city. Also putting them every night on our bed tables had an impact on our dreams and depth of sleep.
This starting experience has convinced us to buy Large Green 8 products to harmonize further our most exposed spaces.
Pauline W March 10 2012
Green 8 Large - White boards in the School
When my English language school introduced electronic white boards I experience a high level of stress. I thought it was about using new technology and facing new challenges but even when I was competent on the boards the stress continued to build. After one particular week when I had been teaching three hours a day with the boards I was so stressed that every evening I was in floods of tears and thought I would have to leave my job. Another teacher at my school had a Green 8 Gold Large and suggested I take it into the classroom with me. The change for me was immediate. I felt more relaxed and able to cope and even enjoyed using the electronic board. I bought my own that evening and carry it everywhere in the school. I am sure other teachers are benefitting from having three Green 8 Gold Large in the school because the anxiety that had been present in the staff room has certainly lessened. For me, trying to rationalise the Green 8 was impossible but I know it saved my job.
Helen N Aug 05, 2013 
2 Green 8 Large
Harmoniser for Computer stations, working, living and sleeping areas have been wonderful; I take them to work every day to protect me in the office environment and they are always under my bed in the evening. Since having them, combined with moving house, I feel fully rested.
Lucille D Feb 27, 2012
Green 8 Gold Large Double Pack
I didn’t know that the Green 8 Gold Large Double Pack had arrived as I hadn’t spoken with my son about my order so I was totally unaware of it being there but as soon as I walked in I noticed a change in the energies within my Home. How good is that, ha ha and I feel much better and am sleeping better up to now.

Basic Body Harmoniser

Linda Graham May 18th, 2017
Green 8 Gold - Body Harmoniser Basic
After many years of suffering with acute attacks & on going chronic pancreatitis, with no apparent reason, I was divinely guided to Bindi and after talking ordered the EMF Green 8 Body Harmoniser Basic. I received this a few days later and since then have constantly worn it. It is fabulous to report that since wear the EMF Green 8 Body Harmoniser Basic, I gradually recovered from pancreatitis and now completely signed off from the clinic and able to get on with my life. I recommend EMF Green 8 Body Harmoniser Basic to everyone, whether your sensitive or not, it's insurance.

And Bindi is great to deal with. Fabulous Namaste
Mary N May 26th, 2016
Feel so much better
I have the body harmoniser, which I wear when I'm sat at the computer. And I have my phone, my iPad and the computer protected.

Everything I've read tells me my family and I cannot afford to take health risks in this respect for a relatively modest investment.
I feel so much better therefore about being in front of the computer or on the phone for any length of time knowing I'm doing all I can to minimise the damage.
I definitely notice my ears get warm without the phone protection. Actually I still notice the heat emanating but it's lessened and I try when I can to make calls ear-free!
Liz G May 18th,, 2016
I got the body harmoniser as it just made sense. Every where we go we are surrounded by EMFs. I definitely feel calmer and can tell the difference if I forget to put it on. My son's a bit self conscious about wearing it, so Bindi suggested putting it in his wallet, Result!!
Sonia P Sep 18, 2014 
I found the T24 Basic Body harmoniser helpful with EMF to which I am hypersensitive. I experience my aura being clearer of radiation.
Val T Aug 02, 2013 
Green 8 Body Harmoniser and Large
I have now slept for three nights with the Transformer 24 the Basic Body Harmoniser and Green 8 Gold Large - one to wear and one under the mattress and have had three good night’s sleep and no headaches. I am very pleased.
Alison H Sept 28, 2012 
Green 8 Personal Harmoniser
My mother is delighted with her personal Transformer 24 as her energy level immediately improved!
Tiffany W October 21, 2009
Body Harmoniser tested on ASYRA
Today I went to my homeopath who had the Asyra machine and we tested the transformer 24 on it. It came out as "green" on the machine, meaning that my body really needed it! I have also been to a kinesiologist who tested it too with exactly the same results...... anything else you want to throw at it? I have been feeling much better for wearing it even though it has only been for a few weeks. Thanks.

Premium Body Harmoniser

Button 12th April, 2019
No problems at all!
Product delivered timely and exactly as advertised. I wear it all day and even while sleeping. Would buy from this vendor again.

Vicki 10th April, 2019
EMF Body Protection
I bought one for my daughter who is pregnant and have since bought more for other members of my family.
Initial reactions are good and I will update as our experience grows.

Dr Carl Aug 25, 2017
Felt a lot better after wearing the product!
 A S Feb 19, 2015
results were really significant
My husband suffers from anxiety, even when there is nothing to be anxious about. A Rayonex Bio-resonance machine identified that his pituitary and hypothalamus glands were compromised due to e-smog. The Green 8 pendant is worn over the solar plexus and he received almost immediate benefit when he started to wear it, the difference was amazing. Unfortunately the string is just fastened with a knot which came undone and he lost it at work after just a month, but the results were really significant. Please sew together the ends of the string, it's too expensive and beneficial to loose.

EMF Car Harmoniser

Barbara M Dec 17, 2013
Made me very happy
Being quick off the mark I immediately put the Transformer 23 disc into the car without reading the instructions. I just couldn't wait. In the afternoon as I was driving alone I noticed that I was singing, which has not happened for a long time. The car felt great. Once again, you did the trick.

Transformer 22-30

Perrine 5th March, 2018
For a peaceful coutenance
I have felt the difference straight away after installing the Transformer 22-30. No more tinglings in my body, no more weight felt on me, no more stress and tension, but rather a sense of calm, and peaceful countenance. With time I also noticed that I was less tired as I worked on my computer. The WI-FI router is just behind the laptop I work on in the living room of our house. So I would feel the radiation very strongly each time I was near my computer. 

The universe has brought me to the bioprotectivesystems site as I was looking for a solution, and I am so happy and grateful that it did. Thank you all for the well being that you help sustain.

E J May 20th, 2017
I have disabled son who has no speech so I have no feedback from him. However, he is prone to seizures which hitherto have always occurred in the early morning when he is in bed. Since installing a Transformer 22-30 on top of a cupboard in his bedroom last Autumn the seizures he has had have all been in the evening in other parts of the house. I am therefore seriously considering protecting the whole house with the larger Transformer.
Jules May 18th, 2017
Helpful for all homes with WiFi
use muscle testing as a positive way to test to see if the body reacts to things and I have to say that this tested strong when placed in the room with the Wifi router in it when without it the body tested very weak! I believe we should all be protected from harmful rays and particularly our children who are very sensitive when young.
Liz G May 18th, 2016
our office is based at home and so we have four servers running 24/7 - a lot! My daughter's bedroom is above the office too and she has always had trouble sleeping since we moved here. Since having the Transformer 22-30 on a shelf in the office, her sleeping is much improved plus it also benefits the rest of us, the atmosphere is calmer and I feel better that we are doing something to manage the situation.
Reva H Apr 15, 2014 
Feel a sense of relief in my body
I use the Transformer 22-30 for WIFI in combination with the Green 8 Gold Large. In this way I feel really protected even though I live in London with very high levels of WIFI radiation and electro smog. After I got my Transformer 22-30 and placed it next to my laptop at home I could really feel a sense of relief in my body. It felt like my body was not burdened that much with all the WIFI pollution and felt healthier. I now use the Transformer 22-30 and the Green 8 Gold Large all the time, even when I go to sleep and I really feel the difference. My sleep is deeper and I do not have problems falling asleep anymore.
Kerry T Jan 05, 2014 
anxiety type feeling
Before we got the wifi Transformer 22-30 from you, I used to get what I can only describe as an anxiety type feeling in my chest. Most nights when I would sit quietly watching TV I'd notice what felt like heart palpitations/ fluttering and I couldn't just breathe normally, it would be sort of juddery as if I was anxious about something. I wasn't overly worried about it, just thought it was how I was. But since we have had the transformer in the house it was noticeable after just a few days that I didn't have this feeling anymore and I haven't had it since. I am almost positive this was now caused by the wifi...very interesting.
Jana M Dec 17, 2013
Huge improvement
I felt the improvement immediately after installing the Transformer 22-30. I don't feel tension on the back of my head any more. My head feels light as the noise or buzzing has disappeared; my tinnitus has finally stopped! I usually wake up every night then I can't go back to sleep. Just like to add that I slept the whole night! I feel like a different person and would like to say that I am happy to purchase your products! However, I just regret I didn’t discover your website earlier! Finally feeling that I have got a good life! Thank you!

Transformer 22-100

Claire 11th June, 2019
A noticeable difference to sleep and
I no longer have regular brain fog and am able to sleep well at night whereas before I was feeling the effects of our neighbours' wifi, struggling to sleep and having headaches. At home, I could hear a high-pitched white noise constantly but now i hear less intense white noise and only sometimes. Most importantly, I see that my seven year old child is sleeping much better and also my partner, who was lying awake at night for a long time and then going into work feeling exhausted. Now we all go to sleep quite quickly and feel better. I notice the difference sometimes when I go into a friend's home and get a headache almost instantly. Then I see that they have 'Alexa' and wifi in the front room where we are sitting. Yes wifi is virtually everywhere in built up areas, but at home we can control its effects on our health. This transformer 22-100 has made a huge difference for us at and I believe that I am protecting my family. I realise that this only covers wifi but not the phone masts and am thinking about your product for that in future as it is not a small purchase. Still the 22-100 is a massive step forward for us. Many thanks Bind!

PW 23th May, 2019
A noticeable difference to sleep and
I no longer have regular brain fog and am able to sleep well at night whereas before I was feeling the effects of our neighbours' wifi, struggling to sleep and having headaches. At home, I could hear a high-pitched white noise constantly but now i hear less intense white noise and only sometimes. Most importantly, I see that my seven year old child is sleeping much better and also my partner, who was lying awake at night for a long time and then going into work feeling exhausted. Now we all go to sleep quite quickly and feel better. I notice the difference sometimes when I go into a friend's home and get a headache almost instantly. Then I see that they have 'Alexa' and wifi in the front room where we are sitting. Yes wifi is virtually everywhere in built up areas, but at home we can control its effects on our health. This transformer 22-100 has made a huge difference for us at and I believe that I am protecting my family. I realise that this only covers wifi but not the phone masts and am thinking about your product for that in future as it is not a small purchase. Still the 22-100 is a massive step forward for us. Many thanks Bind!

Christine Blum Feb 20, 2014
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Transformer 28-4G-W

Lorena May 17th, 2017
Deeper sleep and feeling better during the day
We purchased this product and most of other products in the site as our baby had major sleeping problems. I have to say that within one month her sleeping was improved and even my husband could feel that he was sleeping deeper, i realised that during the day i was feeling better also. I would recommend all of them to protect you from these large mircowave we are living in where our brain is being fried consistently.
Roisin Sheridan May 17th, 2017
Health protection
I highly recommend this product. It makes a significant difference to how energies affect my body. I can feel the difference. I no longer suffer from muscle pain and 90% of balance issues are gone.
Samantha C May 31, 2014 
This Changed my Life!
I and two other members of my family suffer from ES. I havent slept naturally in literally years, and I could no ,longer spend much time in my home since a cell tower was built nearby. In fact my health deteriorated to such an extent that I didnt know what to do anymore and constantly felt ill. Thats when I started to research products that might help and found this website. Yes the transformer is expensive but honestly its worth every penny and more! My husband bought one and got plenty of good and helpful advice on our situation. All of us noticed the difference in our home within minutes, and as time went on I have actually started to sleep naturally again!!! all the family found health and energy improvements, and we can spend time in our home again- all these things I thought were not ever going to be possible. I cannot express enough thanks for this product and others my family have purchased from you - its truly changed our lives for the better and I recommend the transformer (and the other products) to everyone- especially those of us who are sensitive to modern technology. Thank you so much Bindi!
Liz H May 30, 2014
Thank you so much
Hi Bindi

I wanted to give you an update on how things have been since installing the Transformer for the whole house. My health started to deteriorate over two and a half years ago and initially started when I had a cough and cold, it got worse and lasted months,then the digestive problems started,feeling nauseous,abdominal pain,wind,just constant issues which culminated in feeling very poorly. These things would ease a little at times,then it would happen again and last for months. The worst came in September 2013. Constant headaches,extreme fatigue,abdominal pain,unsteady on my feet at times and a very scary unwell feeling is the only way I can describe it,I started to think I had a serious illness. To cut a long story short I found out it could be radiation causing the problem after having a live blood test ( I live near a pylon ) and I purchased, two green 8 larges for under my bed,a body harmoniser and a Transformer for the whole house. 
Just over two weeks after installing the Transformer I woke up one particular day feeling much better. Each day since I have improved,my symptoms have gone. I feel like 'me' again. I can do normal things again,I can work normally,go out normally and live normally!!! I cannot express my gratitude enough for these products. I have to admit I was sceptical at first but I was willing to try anything and it is no coincidence that I am now so much better. Looking back I can now say it felt like I was being slowly poisoned,it was something that no matter what I took,or what I did,nothing seemed to help. So a huge thank you to you Bindi and for your products, I am so grateful. You can use this as a testimonial.
Kind Regards. 
Liz (Plymouth,Devon)
Mick P Nov 21, 2013
sleeping better
We have now got unit in place and have found our son is sleeping better and sleeping more central in his cot. We now find he is not waking up with marks showing he was pushing against the bars in the cot. The difference was very quick to notice. I think the unit is worth having.
Margaret B Jan 04, 2013 
much more energy
Since having the Transformer 28-4G-W in the house I have noticed how much more energy I have and I am sleeping much better. I have also great peace of mind now which means a lot to me and once I get the Wi-Fi Transformer 22-30 I am sure that I will feel even better. My dog Nell is also more energetic and has a much healthier appetite. I had big problems before getting her to finish her dinner but now she is eating it well!
I B May 25 2011 
Our home seemed less oppressive and ‘clear’.
I thought I would update you on things so far with the Transformer 28-3G-W in our house. My son moved to his room last night and he did sleep better. When I have checked on him he seems more chilled out, sleeping more deeply and more peacefully. My hand used to get fuzzy using the mouse on my computer and whilst in fact we are all ill with one thing or another generally we still have energy, more than usual. By 9.30pm I am usually on my knees and barely able to lift me head off the pillow at 5.30/6.00 am when my daughter wakes for a feed, but I am better able to get up and don’t necessarily feel that I absolutely need to get back straight to bed like I am desperate for more sleep. Last night I was up until midnight talking with my mother and I could have gone on…….that’s unheard of, even before my daughter was born 9 months ago. I can’t remember a single time since we lived here that I have easily been up until this time! (We have been here 8.5 years). Also, I don’t experience the Morse Code buzzing noise in my ears any more. There is a buzzy noise, but not as intrusive. I am going to assume that until we tackle WiFi then there will always be something around. Also, my mother mentioned that our home seemed less oppressive and ‘clear’.
Johan B July 20 2010 
A Better office environment
Since we got the Transformer 28-3G-W in our office things have been very different. As we work all day with TV equipment, computers and studio facilities the energy at the end of the day was pretty low, not to mention all the phone masts in Soho! I used to be very drained when I came home after work and one of my colleague was very often unwell during the day feeling dizzy and tired. After a week of having the Transformer 28-3G-W in the office my energy level was very different, I was more energized when I came home at night and I noticed that my colleague got less symptoms during the day. Overall there is a big difference since we put the Transformer 28-3G-W and it seems to work!
Cheni R July 04, 2010 
Thank you, a very sound sleep and awoke revitalised
I was researching EMF protection for my family - particularly my son who constantly woke from his sleep tired and irritable. I discovered Bio Protective Systems Green 8 UK Company and I purchased a Transformer 28-3G-W , that night we all had a very sound sleep and awoke revitalised but the difference in my son was amazing! He was up, dressed and ready to go before any of us; proof enough that the products work! Thank you Bindi for all your assistance and I wish to add that you are a charming, friendly and highly efficient person who is a credit to your company.”

Transformer 28-4G-H

Robin Behar May 17th, 2017
Expensive, but practical and worth every penny!
My wife suffers from acute electro-hypersensitivity and our house is surrounded on three sides with telecommunications masts. Since we installed three T28-4G/LTE transformers in strategic locations, she has been able to live here in comfort and unaffected by micro-electronic radiation. iterally, the transformers have transformed her life. They are a truly 5-star product.
Jan Borgen May 17th, 2017
This has made my life liveable again in my house. Before I got it, I was seriously considering moving to somewhere as far away from electro magnetic rays as I could find (an almost impossible task nowadays
Clare M Dec 17, 2013 
Life changing
Transformer 28-3G-H "We have lived for many years in house close to the Thames…we’ve both had health problems, but more so my husband who had a cough for most of last year, which was worrying. I was recommended a geomancer and dowser who opened my eyes to the problems of electromagnetic stress - our house has watercourses running underneath it - and other problems. I bought stressbusters for the house which helped with the geopathic stress, but still suffered with sleep problems and anxiousness, for no particular reason. My dog is epileptic and during this last rainy period has been crying at night, which was unusual for her. it was not until I bought the large Transformer 28-3G-H that I realised her sleep problems, and mine, and other health problems accumulating over 20 years, are probably connected to the electromagnetic stress we’ve been living with. Hoover, the dog, would often go outside and sit in the garden and refuse to come in when we had heavy rain, she obviously suffered more with the electromagnetic field was intensified with heavy rain. The minute I set the Transformer 28-3G-H to magnetic north I felt a sensation of colossal relief, Hoover now sleeps well and even goes to lie beside the T28-3G-H. My sleep is radically improved, even within a week. I carry my Green 8 Gold Large with me wherever I go now. I believe we all owe it to ourselves to enquire further if health problems persist. I feel immensely fortunate to have found Bioprotective Systems and to have a house, which I have always loved, now covered with a sense of peace.
Robert V Nov 05, 2012 Amazing ProductThere are 2 cellphone towers next to our barn building; this has had a significant impact. We found 3 dead cows on the same pitch within 2 months for no apparent reason; had many still and premature births together with increasing ailing animals. After using the Transformer-28 all these problems no longer occur. No more still and premature births of calves, no more dead cows and all diseases have been greatly reduced. It's amazing!

EMF Clearing Card

Emma Hawkings-Byass Jan 31st, 2018
Quality Sleep
I had forgotten about my EMF Clearing Card and used it last night having had quite a few problems with EMF stress in my body. I slept for 8 hours straight. This for me is unheard of!! I’m always waking up 2-6 times a night. Sometimes never to get back to sleep. Last night was an awesome nights sleep! Thank god for this product. Im looking forward to receiving the rest of the goodies I’ve bought to protect my home.
EF 2nd Nov, 2017 
Very pleased
I took my clearing card to my last appointment with my kinesiologist. She was very impressed with it and, from her testing, said she feels it balances the electrical frequencies in the body that become abnormal in illness/disease. She said she was going to get one for herself! I use it for many things, including when my pet bird was very sick and had to have an x-ray. Great product.
Tina B May 23rd, 2017
Great product
The very first time I used this card, I felt a strange pulsing throughout my body and thought WOW. It only happened the one time but that was proof enough this product was going to work and i always seem to sleep better after using it in the evening, great product.
Sara May 17th, 2017
Every time I look at this card I immediately sigh and relax. I have no idea how it works but it does. It makes me relax and I can feel things staring to flow.
Roisin Sheridan May 17th, 2017
EMF Clearing Card relieves pressure
I can feel pressure on my system decreasing when I use the EMF clearing card. It's particularly useful when travelling. I don't go anywhere without it
R Patel Jan 15th, 2017
EMF Clearing Card -A Life Saver
Sometime back I had a very bad Flu and being Asthmatic I was dreading a serious attack.My niece lent me her EMF Clearing Card.I placed it on my chest as instructed and to my amazement I started feeling well and my wheezing also subsided.Further use helped clear my symptoms without any serious consequences.soI purchased one straight away.Now I use it all the time.It has had such a positive effect on my body.
April S 01/06/2016
The EMF clearing card I call a beautiful relief. Connecting with the colors first off has a relaxing effect on the brain and nerves. Secondly placing the card on the body brings almost instantly relief and relaxation. I really love this simple but effective product. My daughter at the age of 6 used it to help her overcome stage fright when performing competitions . It settled her little body down in a graceful way.
Radka K  Mar 27, 2015 
Help to balance body energy
I was using this card for about three years, and I have to admit that it helps with various body tension and headache. Just place it anywhere on the body that you think that there is a energy blockage. It helps to study better and concentrate. It is a must have product.
Sonia P Nov 22, 2014 
Skeptical at first
Have to say I was skeptical at first but the clearing card has impressed me for the strong energy power and little time needed to clear emf from aura and body. I use it the way suggested on my solar plexus to clear static, electrostatic emf from various devices and have to say it works. Within little time I feel lighter, clearer and cleansed from static energy. I put it on my ears after using headphones and I feel the difference, also under my cushion at night and not only I dream but remember my dreams, unheard of before using it. Overall pleased with product.
Stephen C May 31, 2014 
This is amazing!
My family have bought a number of products from this site since we suffer from electrosensitivity and they all have made such an improvement to how we feel at home and when we have to travel-so when this new clearing card became available I asked my husband to buy one for us. I was amazed at the effect this little card can have! It does take a bit longer to work on us as we are very sensitive, but the fact is that it really*does* work! when I place it on the areas that I have pain it helps ease it away, also when clearing EMF build up it gives us instant relief that increases the longer we use it. When my husband returns home from work I can literally feel him tingling with electricity (which passes on to me) so we use the card, and the bad feeling goes! When he has a migraine from using computers, he places the card on his head, and it helps clear the migraine. I carry this card everywhere! it really is amazing! thank you again!
H H Dec 13, 2011 
I am electro-sensitive and have suffered from light and disturbed sleep for many years. I can’t sleep where there are cordless phones. The first time I lay on the EMF Clearing Card on going to bed, I could feel a tingling sensation in the area of my kidneys/adrenal glands as though they were being de-stressed. My sleep that night felt deeper and I didn’t wake as early as I normally would.
I now sleep on the EMF clearing card all night and find that I sleep through the night without waking, which I haven’t done in years. My sleep is more refreshing and much deeper than previously, when the slightest noise would disturb me. I always take the card with me when I’m away from home. Along with all the other approaches I use, it’s made a big difference to my daily functioning, as I now feel much calmer and I’m less prone to getting agitated. It just shows how much our adrenal glands are revved up by the constant electro-smog we’re all surrounded by.”
"I have been living near the cell phone tower for 10 years, and suffering from the electromagnetic sensitivity. I have chronic fatigue. When I feel EMF or have a headache, I apply the Clearing Card on my forehead, and I feel so fine. Before I bought the Clearing Card, I used to use the EMF-blocking fabric. But, it did not work well.” Tae Hirano (Shiga, Japan)
“The EMF CLEARING CARD – has a very positive effect for my body. If I am using the card consequently my body is relaxing at once. I don’t have the feeling that my body is under electricity power. The card has a “balancing” effect to me. This result I did not expect. I am very happy about this. The very positive effect was confirmed by my therapist too. I hope this experience report is helping you.”Ms. Julia. W. – Hamburg – Germany
“I have been living near the cell phone tower for 10 years, and suffering from the electromagnetic sensitivity. I have chronic fatigue. When I feel EMF or have a headache, I apply the Clearing Card on my forehead, and I feel so fine. Before I bought the Clearing Card, I used to use the EMF-blocking fabric. But, it did not work well.”
Tae Hirano (Shiga, Japan)
“I had chronic fatigue, unclear brain, and less energy. I investigated around my house and found high electromagnetic field. When I used the Clearing card, firstly my breath became easy, and so relaxed. I was not only surprised but also so glad. When I have a local pain, I apply the card on that spot. Then, my pain is relieved.”Takao Asoh (Tokyo, Japan)
“I really feel that the Clearing Card absorbs EMF from the body and discharges it. When I put my hand over the card which is applied on my body, I can feel the EM wave comes out of the card. The time necessary for the discharge depends on the person. Some people take only a couple of minutes, and others require much longer time. I needed about an hour to feel the complete discharge.”Yoko Yamauchi (Fukuoka, Japan)
“I did not know much about EMF. But, my health condition became worse and worse; pain in the arms, knees, and head. I also had a feeling that there is some block in my stomach. Then, I found the Clearing Card on the web, and purchased it to use. First of all, the feeling of having a block in my stomach disappeared. Then, after several applications on my pain spots, all the pain was gone. Now, I always carry the card in my wallet. This Clearing card is so convenient in the life surrounded by various electric devices.”Shoko Yamada (Tokyo, Japan)
“Although I used to experience severe stress whenever I took air plane, or super express train, I could eliminate such unpleasant stress by using the EMF Clearing Card. I also benefit from the Card when I go to the electrical appliance store. Not only in the special occasion, I use the Card daily whenever I feel tired. As I feel better when I use the card, I fully understand that EMF is really harmful. Now, I cannot leave home without it.” Toshio Harada (Aichi, Japan)
“I had an indefinite complaint (stiff neck, headache, exhaustion). I have been using Transformer 24 Body Harmoniser and the Clearing Card. When I sleep; I place the Card under my pillow. If I go out without Transformer 24, I become so tired. When I use the Card, I can breathe comfortably.” Etsuko Yokoyma, Saga, Japan
“I used to have my dentist discharge the EMF accumulated in my body. Since I moved and could not go to the dentist, I bought the Clearing Card for myself. I use PC for work, and I have severe headache, stiff neck and chronic fatigue. I have been using the card everyday, and I can wake up so easily in the morning while it was so difficult to get out of bed before. Now, I discharge EMF everyday before I got to bed, and put it under the pillow. I cannot live without it any more.” Tomoko Matsuda (Saga, Japan)
“When I use the Clearing Card, sore muscle, headache and the stiffness of the body disappear. The motion range of the joint seems improved. Actually, when I used the Card and discharged EMF before I played golf, I could swing very smoothly. I used to have headache when I watched movie for a long time with DVD player. But, I do not have any headache with EMF discharged using the Clearing Card. I also use the Card when I ride the train. I am trying various application of the Card. It is so nice to be relieved from heavy headache or stiff neck. If I did not have the Clearing Card, all I can do would have been to go to the hot spring or chiropractic doctors.” Atsuko Nakano (Tokyo, Japan)
“I feel like my weight was lessened. If I do not discharge EM energy, I feel like my body is as heavy as lead, and cannot sleep well at night. After discharge, first thing I feel is that I can sleep well. During winter, I used to be shocked by static electricity. But, I did not experience it at all after I started using the Clearing Card.”
Fumiko Haruna (Hokkaido, Japan)