Green 8 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 


"Harmonising” of electromagnetic radiation – what does it mean?
Harmonising and Neutralising external energies means that pathogenic frequencies may no longer be harmful to the human body or any biological system.
Through the Green8 Technology they are transformed and made compatible to the humans’ own biological frequency.

How do these products neutralise radiation?

GREEN 8 GOLD® creates an INVERSE INTERFERENCE against the unwanted pathogenic frequency information eliminating the harmful side effects for the human body. The harmful influences will be neutralised by changing the negative polarity to a positive polarity.

What are these products TRANSFORMING?
Any influence to the human body which does not relate to the body’s own biological frequency may create stress and “negative effects”. GREEN 8 Products neutralise these disruptive energies by emitting positive frequency. At the same time the body's own energy field is strengthened.

How can the effectiveness be proved?

  • Only by measurement of the body meridians – the body does not lie!
  • See the live test we have done by different biofeedback systems like PROGNOS, BIO-MERIDIAN, ACUPRO
  • Physical measurement test methods are not able to show the effect. 

How long do the GREEN 8 GOLD® Products last?
GREEN 8 GOLD® products do not stop working and last a Life time, they neutralise all the frequencies they are programmed to neutralise unless damaged. 

The manufacturer recommends replacing the Green 8 Gold after 18 to 24 months to ensure full protection. 

What can one expect when using a GREEN 8 GOLD® product?

  • Any bad feelings such as having headaches, hot ears and any kind of pain may disappear – this is the best proof for any person.
  • The body's own energy field is strengthened. You feel more balanced. You feel balanced, mentally clear and grounded
  • GREEN 8 GOLD® last a Life time unless damaged but manufacturer recommends to change them every 2-3 years in line with changing technology.
  • Every human body is different so the results vary.
  • GREEN 8 GOLD®products may protect against cell damaging from negative energy information.
  • The products may not only balance but also send additional positive energy.
  • All these answers are given based on the actual performance of the products, the actual knowledge, and several tests done in many countries in the world.
  • Qualified Testing was done 1999 & 2000 by the “Institute of Potential Research” in Vienna – using the PROGNOS SYSTEM (developed by Russian Air Space Industry for their astronauts). The Test was done with several humans based on the biofeedback Test method – Testing the stress factors of the body with and without GREEN 8 as protection tool – the test shows in a diagram the impressive different results.


To view the Test report available in English, Turkish & German language. 

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See the qualified Live Test  conducted by Dr. David Furlong, London.