Green 8 Technology


Places, things and people are influenced by a variety of factors that have an impact on the energetic quality and thus change the atmosphere and personal well-being.

The GREEN 8 GOLD® technology may neutralise these disruptive energies by emitting positive frequency.

Behind this is the principle of interference: in a 180 degree shift, a positive vibration is set against the negative interference frequency. It may harmonise the negative information, gently eliminating the stress on living organisms. This phenomenon of destructive interference is also known from noise-cancelling headphones: noise waves created by an external source and sound waves created by the headphone speaker cancel each other out. The result is silence.

Green 8 Technology

PRINCIPLE FUNCTION: Harmonising and Neutralising 

The effect of the GREEN 8 GOLD® and the TRANSFORMER products is comparable to the principles of homeopathy. Although not one molecule of the original substance or of any other ingredient can be analytically traced in a homeopathic preparation, a reaction occurs.

The operating principle is based on a mathematical information model; i. e. fine-matter information/vibration is transferred on to a carrier material. This is comparable with the data storage on a microchip. The information component as an integrated biological constant returns all disoriented life processes back to their natural harmony and order. The carrier material as medium is therefore of minor significance. This subtle intervention or so-called “Information Resonance Energy” (IRE) is transmitted to the organism and thus become resonant with it.

RESULT: No Negative Impact to the Body or Any BIOLOGICAL SYSTEM

GREEN 8 GOLD and TRANSFORMER products do not have any physical effects such as shielding or reducing external influences. However, they may neutralise and harmonise the negative stress on corresponding information supply to promote biological tolerability. Therefore physical measurements do not indicate changes – they are not suited for verifying the biological effect of the products. This does not mean that the products are ineffective.

On the contrary, the negative influences may no longer negatively affect the human body. GREEN 8 GOLD® effectiveness cannot be revealed by means of physical measuring methods, a fact they have in common with other therapy approaches valued worldwide such as acupuncture or homeopathy. However, tests measuring direct body reactions clearly indicate the positive effect of the GREEN 8 GOLD® technology.

Studies & Tests  

The Body Does Not Lie - Test and observations

Biofeedback Tests

The measurement of the body’s reaction e.g. with biofeedback systems or electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll – to a mobile phone call without GREEN 8 GOLD® shows a significant stress level in the organism. However, it remains in perfect balance with GREEN 8 GOLD®. This was not only confirmed by comprehensive tests conducted by physicians and homeopaths using the GREEN 8 GOLD® products but also by a study conducted by the Institut für Potentialforschung in Vienna (research institute) with a number of probands using the PROGNOS system. 

Live Biofeedback Tests by David Furlong 

David Furlong has been a Health Care Consultant for over 30 years. He was initially involved in counselling and energy medicine and he is the author of a number of books including “The Healer Within” and “Healing Your Family Patterns.”  David has been using the MSA 21 health screening device since November 1998.

Watch David Furlong Test the Effects of the Mobile Phone Radiation on the Body and How the Green 8 Gold Protects.



The body knows best which substances and materials it tolerates and which it does not. You can perform a kinesiological muscle
test yourself and attain direct feedback from the GREEN 8 GOLD®. To do this, a second person and an active mobile phone is required. Take the phone in your hand and stretch out your arm sideways at shoulder height. Have the other person, your tester, apply subtle pressure on your lower arm. Normally, you would be able to withstand that pressure and your arm would not move down. When you receive a call on your mobile phone, it is very easy for the tester to push your arm down. The activated mobile phone weakens your muscles so that you are unable to withstand the pressure. Now attach the GREEN 8 GOLD® to your phone and repeat the test with the tester applying light pressure on your lower arm. You will see that you can easily resist it.



European Feng Shui and Geomancy Professional Association eV 

Certificate for Transformer 28-4G

Test Report by Marianne Rattay, Feng Shui Master - Transformer 28-4G

Blood tests

For a dark-field microscope examination a drop of blood is taken from a subject. Please contact us for the full report.

Green 8 Studies