Electrosmog an Environmental Pollution

The insidiousness about Electrosmog is that it is not perceived by the human sense organs. Nevertheless we are exposed to it at all times.

Electromagnetic radiation presents a possible health risk depending on the intensity and prolonged exposure to it. We can hardly escape E-smog due to the rapid development of technologies for wireless communication such as GMS, GPRS, UMTS (3G), GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth.

Mobile phones, computers, laptops, monitors, LCD displays, CD players, cordless DECT phones, kitchen appliances, radio alarm clocks, radio clocks, wireless product scanners in supermarkets (RAFI), WLAN Access Points, energy saver lamps, even night desk lamps produce alternating electric fields, even if they are turned off.

Currently there are approximately 5 billion mobile phones in use worldwide which require short-pulsed high-frequency cellular transmitters. It is important to realise that in the year 2000 there were only 500 million mobile users globally and 250 million Internet users globally. Fixed telephone line subscriptions have fallen, for the fourth year in a row, with just under 1.2 billion active lines today. Mobile phones haven’t been around long, and already there are 5 billion mobile lines compared to 1.2 billion landlines.

Many studies now confirm the negative impact of high frequency mobile phone radiation on the human organism and a growing
number of physicians warn about the dangers of cell phone use.

Although not everyone feels the effects of electromagnetic radiation, it is important to be aware of the risks and to protect oneself effectively.

Geopathic and geological radiation pollution, the earth's natural radiation.

Besides the technical radiation pollution caused by electro smog, the natural radiation emissions, geopathic stress – known for generations – have a similarly significant impact on the human health. The most critical culprits here are the so-called earth radiation, water veins, Hartmann grid and Curry grid. In case of prolonged exposure these have the same biological effect as technical radiation.

These emissions may cause a permanent weakening of the immune system which may then lead to diseases. So far physical measurement techniques cannot measure geopathic and geological radiation emissions. 


What Can You Do?

Irrespective of this “religious war” there are quite a few indications regarding the risks and a number of different cases of illness. Every individual has to decide for her/himself what needs to be done.

One does not have to be a physician or scientist in order to understand that high frequency fields cannot be salutary to a sensitive and complex biological system such as the human body.

The symptoms occurring in many mobile phone users such as headaches, hot ears, etc. speak for themselves.