Green 8 Gold Car Harmoniser


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Car Harmoniser for GPS Sat Nav and Bluetooth Wireless Communications - cars, buses, trains, planes, ships, trucks

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In today’s world, no one wants to go without the comfort of modern communications. Laws that prohibit the use of handsets while driving have prompted the use of these devices. Bluetooth is unavoidable as hands-free technology is trending with vehicle owners, which in turn may cause fatigue, headache, stress and lack of concentration.

As if driving wasn’t stressful enough, we maybe subjecting our bodies to the potential hazards of electromagnetic emissions from our vehicle’s GPS navigation system, Bluetooth and modern gadgets.

The Green 8 Gold Car Harmoniser is designed to neutralise and facilitate stress-free and relaxed use of modern communication media, while travelling in the car. It neutralises electromagnetic emissions from GPS Navigation Systems, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Bluetooth and Car Electronics.

A pilot study conducted in Finland with taxi drivers, suggested that GPS navigation systems and wireless communication systems in the car increasingly lead to discomfort such as fatigue and weakness of concentration.

Maybe you will arrive at your destination in a relaxed state of mind – feeling fresh and balanced– no matter how long the trip.

It is portable and may be carried in a handbag or hand luggage whilst travelling in cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships and planes.

Janey Loves New for 2015 Awards

Green 8 Gold Car Harmoniser - Highly commended in the Janey Loves New for 2015 Awards.

EMF Radiation in Your Cars

Lahti Taxis, Finland - Car Harmoniser Test

Covers an area of up to 6 metre radius / a range of 12 metres
GREEN 8 GOLD® Car Harmoniser is a round programmed chip with a diameter of 88 mm

How do you install it?
  • Simply place the GREEN 8 GOLD® Car Harmoniser chip in the door compartment, the glove compartment, or the driver’s seat pocket.
  • After just a few minutes the radiation is neutralised and harmonised.
  • The energy in the car changes immediately – a feeling of freshness and relaxation sets in.

Made me very happy

Being quick off the mark I immediately put the Transformer 23 disc into the car without reading the instructions. I just couldn't wait. In the afternoon as I was driving alone I noticed that I was singing, which has not happened for a long time. The car felt great. Once again, you did the trick.

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Green 8 Gold Car Harmoniser

Green 8 Gold Car Harmoniser

Car Harmoniser for GPS Sat Nav and Bluetooth Wireless Communications - cars, buses, trains, planes, ships, trucks

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