• Natural products for a good nights sleep...


    We're a nation that is deprived of sleep! From new mums desperate to get a few hours sleep, through to elderly who find they're constantly getting up in the night, it seems sleep can elude many of us.

  • How Healthy is Your Home?


    Have you ever considered what lies beneath your house, in terms of geology and infrastructure, and whether the materials it is made from are healthy? Do you think about the level of Wi-Fi emissions around your home, its proximity to telephone masts, electrified rail systems, underground water or landfill sites?

  • Is Your Mobile Making You Sick?


    As much as it took governments across the globe decades to accept global warming to be a real treat to humankind, as well as accepting the part we all played in creating the problem, it may take some time for industries and governments to accept the threat and health risks posed by electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution.

  • Harmonizing rooms in accordance with Feng Shui


    The place where we live, the impact of our surroundings, the relationship between humans and nature, its influence on health, creativity, family, partnership and happiness and the deliberate design thereof – all that comprises Feng Shui. The century old science and art of governing energies (Qi). 

    I noticed, however, that the conventional methods of the classic Feng Shui and geomancy no longer suffice in some areas. This has also been confirmed by several of my colleagues. 

  • Mobile Phone Radiation


    Mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular with all generations, but we don’t always understand the radiation that these devices emit. As our children are growing up, we try our best to minimize the risks on their health.

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