Geopathic Stress

Published on 18/06/2015

What is geopathic stress?

The harmful effects of unstable or disrupted natural electromagnetic fields emanating from the earth are called geopathic stress. Many experts are convinced, that being exposed to these rays for extended periods of time can weaken our immune system and increase the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

What are the sources of geopathic stress?

Sources of Geopathic Stress include the presence of underground water, geological faults, underground streams and caverns within the Earth. Some dangerous sources are global grids like the Hartmann net and the Curry grid. Man made interferences include sewers, tunnels, large steel pilings, building foundations and mains electric. The other major source can come from geological phenomena including the presence of minerals - especially deposits of crystals, coal and oil.

How do doctors and scientists evaluate geopathic stress?

Just a few examples: In 1929 German scientist, Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, drew a map of the town of Vilsbiburg in Bavaria indicating where geopathic stress lines ran. He was provided with medical details of 54 people who had died of cancer in the town over a 50 year period and discovered that each one had slept across the harmful lines. Von Pohl estimated that 2.5 per cent of the earth’s surface was affected by geopathic stress.

Dr. Hans Nieper, a world renowned cancer and MS specialist, found that 92% of all his cancer patients and 75% of his MS patients were geopathically stressed.
In 1985 Dr. Veronika Carstens, wife of the former German President Karl Carstens, published a study documenting the spontaneous healing of 700 terminal cancer patients after they relocated their beds to an area free from geopathic stress.

What are typical symptoms of geopathic stress?

As humans, if we sleep or work in a geopathic zone we can suffer with headaches, feel ill, restless, run down or argumentative.

If our body is constantly fighting these abnormal frequencies it is unable to do this necessary work so our immune system gets depleted and it can eventually lead to more serious illnesses.

• Behavioural problems e.g. aggression, hyperactivity
• Emotional instability
• Sleeping disorders and restlessness
• Cancer, M.E. and M.S.
• Aches and pains e.g. headaches
• Back problems
• Infertility and cot deaths
• Asthma and allergies
• Depression
• Stress and nervousness
• Lack of concentration or memory loss
• Nausea
• Disorientation
• Exhaustion, fatigue or loss of strength
• Absenteeism at work due to sickness
• Not responding to medical treatment

Are there special risks for children?

During pregnancy if the mother is sleeping in an area that has a channel of strong geopathic stress it can contribute to an unhealthy newborn baby. Research into cot deaths has shown that 90% of babies had been sleeping in places of harmful geopathic frequencies. Children sleeping in geopathic zones do not thrive, and are often hyperactive and allergic or suffer from asthma and eczema.

How do you know if your home has geopathic stress?

If you or someone who lives with you becomes chronically ill and does not respond to treatment, geopathic stress is a very strong possibility.
By dowsing with a pendulum or a rod the geopathic zone in your home can be identified and the stress level can be measured.
In both Germany and Austria it is common to have your house checked for geopathic stress before you move in.

What are the effective solutions for geopathic stress?

The TRANSFORMER 28-4G-W and TRANSFORMER 28-4G-H - neutralise geological and geopathic interference zones effectively and lastingly in the area of 33 (W) – 66 (H)m Radius in any direction (N-W-E-S) for your home, office, clinic, building, animal stall.

The GREEN 8 GOLD Large – called “OFFICE HARMONIZER” is especially ideal for a single local sleeping/sitting area where moving to a neutral zone is not possible. In these cases you use 1-2 GREEN 8 GOLD Large under your sleeping or sitting area.

What happens when your house is in harmony?

Right after the installation of the GREEN 8 GOLD Large and the TRANSFORMER 28 you feel the benefits of a balanced and energetically cleaned environment. The effects reported by our customers are:

• Negative feelings and sensations like headache, fatigue, restlessness and agitation will disappear
• Your sleep becomes calmer and more relaxed
• More energy and more mental clarity
• Greater harmony in the family, household or office
• Stronger immune system and lower chance of getting ill
• All your flowers and plants will grow up much better

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