5G Technology

Published on 16/08/2019

Frequently asked questions about 5G by our customers

What exactly is 5G?

5G denotes the new telecommunication standard. It promises real-time data transmission and is regarded as a key technology for digitization. The speed and short response time of the 5G network decisive for industrial applications and innovations such as autonomous driving, goods logistics and networking of robots and machines.

5G networks can be built to connect hundreds of thousands devices.


Does 5G technology replace 4G technology?

First of all, partial improvements of 5G will spread, based on 4G. 4G and 5G networks will be operated jointly or in parallel so that expansion can take place in stages. The 4G standard will continue to be an integral part of 5G. Users are unlikely to notice whether their device uses a 4G or 5G network in the future. The first 5G mobile phones and tablets have been announced for the end of 2019.


When will 5G be introduced and where is it already being used?

The pioneers in 5G network expansion come from Asia and the USA: Almost simultaneously, the first public 5G networks were switched on in the USA and South Korea. In South Korea, network coverage is considerably higher. Japan is also ready for the 5G revolution. At the latest by the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, the 5G networks should be available nationwide. Spain was the first European country to launch 5G in June 2019. 5G is also already in use in many cities in Switzerland and Great Britain. The heads of government of Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland announced that they would form the world‘s first and best integrated 5G region.

Since 2018 there have been extensive pilot projects and 5G test areas in Germany - for example in Berlin and the Port of Hamburg. According to Telekom, the first mobile phone contracts for the ultra-fast Internet will not be available until 2020 or early 2021.

Until 2025, 99 percent of German households will be reached with a 5G network.


Can 5G pose a particular health risk?

So far, the frequencies for the mobile network have been less than 2.6 gigahertz (Ghz).

For the 5G network, frequencies of 3.4 to 3.7 gigahertz are now at stake, and in the distant future even up to 60 gigahertz. The higher the frequency, the lower the range. The 5G network therefore requires many more transmitter masts to cover the same area.

Up to now, many transmitter masts have been mounted on towers or roofs. The new 5G transmitter stations can be mounted practically anywhere in small boxes. This means you get much closer to them when they are mounted on lanterns, bus stops, traffic lights or walls. And of course you get more radiation.


How does high-frequency radiation affect our well-being?

Electromagnetic radiation causes water molecules in the body to vibrate. This generates frictional heat - and the temperature in tissue and cells rises. This means stress for the organism, which can manifest itself in symptoms such as headaches, nervousness or insomnia.

With the expansion of the 5G-Network, there will be significantly more radio radiation in the future. Inge Paulini, President of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), told the Passauer Neue Presse: "Significantly higher data transmission volumes, new and additional transmitters and higher frequencies change the radiation intensities. These must be investigated."


How can you protect yourself?

With 5G, radiation comes closer and becomes much more massive. Effective protection is therefore more important than ever. This applies above all to your home, office, on the road and when making phone calls with your smartphone. Bauer Biotec has been developing tried and tested solutions for more than 20 years, which are used successfully in 13 countries. In the future, we will continue to offer you reliable protection and positive Energy.


Are BAUER BIOTEC products still effective?

Yes - with our 4G products you are currently still comprehensively and reliably protected. We are working intensively on an update and on new products for the home and on the way. The first product will be the new TRANSFORMER 28-5G. It offers reliable radiation protection for the home and will be available from the end of August 2019.

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