EMF Radiation in Your Cars

Published on 13/06/2017

Exposure on the road. Radiation emissions and electrosmog in the car.

The exposure to electrosmog and radiation in the car is on the rise.

There are three critical reasons for this:

1) The increasingly more sophisticated vehicle technology

2) High frequency sources of interference due to the use of smartphones, Bluetooth and GPS

3) Negative information is bundled in a very tight space


1. More technology, more radiation

State-of-the-art technology has turned today’s cars into computers on wheels. Almost all standard vehicles are now equipped with electronics that control all systems on board, such as the alternator, heated seats, ignition system, ABS, power locks,heating and ventilation systems and much more. This is why there are over 5000 meters of cable in a single car. But more technology also means more EMF. And the new electric or hybrid vehicles have yet one more active radiation source to be aware of. Instead of direct current (DC) batteries as in conventional vehicles, these use additional physically straining alternate current (AC) batteries permanently exposing driver and passengers to the radiation they emit.


2. Wireless communication 

Naturally, no one wants to go without the comfort of modern communication en route anymore. In addition to the electromagnetic radiation produced by the vehicle, there are also high frequency radio waves emitted by GPS navigation systems, Bluetooth and smartphones to consider. These are particularly straining on the body.


3. Negative information in a tight space

The metal in the vehicle body acts like a Faraday cage that does not let anything through, thus locking all electromagnetic frequencies and wireless radio waves inside the tight space of a car. The result is a major strain on the body, which in turn reacts with fatigue, headache and loss of concentration. Therefore, some people who are not electro-sensitive often also feel exhausted, tired, worn-out and tense after a longer car ride.

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