Smart Meter Radiation

Published on 13/06/2017

The new Smart Meters, also known as intelligent meters, are digital energy or power consumption meters that facilitate a wireless exchange of data and control signals between suppliers and consumers. Their permanent energy pulses discharge high radiation doses that considerably exceed those of cell phones.

Power, gas, water, heaters or district heating – these are all to be read by smart meters in the near future. Automatic, precise and wireless. The down-side of this technology is its high radiation emission. The meters installed in homes are on constantly and cannot be switched off. This is like having an ongoing and uninterrupted telephone conversation with a smartphone day and night.

Independent studies have found out that both the strength and frequency of the emitted impulses make smart meters particularly straining. The Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP), a non-profit organization in California, estimates that one single smart meter emits as much radiation as 160 cell phones.

Those effected by Smart Meters report many of these and other symptoms:

• Headaches
• Seizures
• Sleep disorders 
• Nausea
• Heart racing
• Tinnitus - ringing in the ears

High time to protect oneself

In the US, smart meters have already been installed in about 65 million homes and residences – some despite protests from home owners.In Germany, smart meters will become mandatory in 2017.In the UK, Smets or "Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications" have been in circulation since 2012. By 2020, 53 million smart meters will be installed nationwide.

(Source:Focus, Vdi-Nachrichten (weekly technology journal))

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