• 5G Technology


    Frequently asked questions about 5G by our customers

  • Your health-conscious summer kit


    We all love our tech and our wi-fi.

  • EMF Radiation in Your Cars


    State-of-the-art technology has turned today’s cars into computers on wheels. Almost all standard vehicles are now equipped with electronics that control all systems on board, such as the alternator, heated seats, ignition system, ABS, power locks,heating and ventilation systems and much more. This is why there are over 5000 meters of cable in a single car. But more technology also means more EMF. 

  • Smart Meter Radiation


    The new Smart Meters, also known as intelligent meters, are digital energy or power consumption meters that facilitate a wireless exchange of data and control signals between suppliers and consumers. Their permanent energy pulses discharge high radiation doses that considerably exceed those of cell phones.

  • As autumn draws in...Strengthen your immunity against EMFs


    Strengthen your immunity against harmful EMF's too as you spend more time indoors.

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