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At home, we want to Relax and Recharge for the next day. Many people nowadays live in close proximity to mobile phone masts or other transmitters like pylons and often suffer from the electromagnetic exposure. In such cases, the Transformer 28-4G with its ability to restore the natural energy quality provides an effective solution.

Transformer 28-4G is the perfect solution to protect and harmonise your house, office or a building against EMF pollution and geopathic interence zones. Read about the Earth's Natural Radiation Geopathic Stress 

Transformer 22 for wireless transmission methods (Wi-Fi Router) for internet access are used more and more. It completes your home protection by neutralising and harmonising the pulsed energy emitted by WiFi networks.

How Healthy is Your Home?

An article that has been published in the June 2016 issue of Elle Decoration Magazine 

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