Geopathic Stress

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Each and every one of us is surrounded and subjected to cell phone radiation on a daily basis. A plethora of Technical Radiation is also emitted from many man-made devices, putting the populace at risk. But you may be surprised and shocked to know that our bodies are also being exposed to natural radiations, which we fail to realise. These so-called geological or geopathic emissions come from many places. The Earth’s Radiation and water veins are a few. The Hartmann grid and Curry grid also present a Health Risk.

What is Geopathic Stress Energy?

The GREEN 8 Gold Large, the Transformer 28-4G-W and Transformer 28-4G-H - neutralises geological and geopathic interference zones effectively and lastingly. GREEN 8 Gold Large is especially ideal in cases where moving the sleeping/sitting area (work, hotels, University and Boarding School) to a neutral zone is not possible.

How Healthy is Your Home?

An article that has been published in the June 2016 issue of Elle Decoration Magazine 

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