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Wi-Fi is now also a mainstay in modern homes, allowing us to stay connected and share room-to-room. This makes for almost instant sharing of digital files and information, between colleagues or loved ones. 

The Transformer 22-30 is designed to be placed near wireless communication networks and can be used alongside WLAN/WI-FI for PCs, laptops, terminal equipment at the office and home workstation. 

It may create a positive and relaxed working environment at your office and home workstation. The quality of life for humans, as well as animals may improve significantly. Plants and flowers may flourish and grow much better.

Transformer 22-30
 is for Small Home/Office Workstations - up to 10 metres radius

Transformer 22-100 for a Medium to Large House or Open Plan Offices - up to 20 metres radius

 Winner of the 2018 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD  

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