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Offices are packed with computers, printers and scanners – take a Green 8 Gold Large Office and Room Harmoniser to work and see what happens to your energy levels.

Many bedrooms have TV’s and computers. Students at University live and spend many hours in their rooms working on computers, watching programs, listening to music etc. Green 8 Gold Large is part of a package for a University Student. It can be kept in their bag so taken to lecturer rooms, libraries. Place the bag near and under the bed and see what happens to your sleep. Nothing to lose with our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy.

The Green 8 Large is designed to be placed at the computer work stations (including computers, monitors and printers) or your living areas.  It can be also placed on the desk, coffee table, close to any Smart Meter unit.

Geopathic Stress 

Winner of the 2012 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD

"A superb and innovative device" 

Winner of the 2011 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD    

“Our testers found noticeable improvements in sleep patterns when using this innovative device”

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