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Mobile communication masts are littered throughout urban and suburban areas, surrounding our homes.
With the expansion of the 5G network, there will be significantly more electromagnetic radiation in the future. Effective protection is therefore more important than ever.

The new BAUER BIOTEC TRANSFORMER 28-5G may neutralise and harmonise the high-frequency radiation and may ensure a lasting beneficial, positive energy quality in your apartment or house or business. 

Transformer 28 has been used worldwide since 2003 has been updated to TRANSFORMER 28-5G

The New TRANSFORMER 28-5G has been designed to neutralise EMF radiation and may create a permanently protected area against the emissions and effects of electromagnetic radiation from high voltages caused by various transmitter stations, including mobile communication masts including 4G, 5G and TETRAsatellites, high tension pylons, high voltage installations, Smart Meters and Wi-Fi routers. It is also designed to neutralise geopathic stress from the earth’s natural ground radiation, water veins, Hartmann grid and Curry networks protecting the biological systems. 

Frequently asked questions about 5G by our customers

New Green 8 Transformer 28-5G for both man-made electropollution and earth's natural radiation

Transformer 28-5G Winner of the Janey Loves 2019 PLATINUM Award for Best Home EMF Protection

WINNER of Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards

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