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Why radiation protection is more important than ever

With the expansion of the 5G network, there will be significantly more electromagnetic radiation in the future. Effective protection is therefore more important than ever. Especially sensitive individuals suffer from radiation emissions which have permanent stress effect on the body.

The NEW Green 8 Gold Premium Body Harmoniser 5G is an energised stainless steel pendant that is designed to harmonise electromagnetic radiation and strengthen your body's own energy field, which may help you feel more energised and balanced. 

Transformer 28-5G Winner of the Janey Loves 2020 PLATINUM Award for Best Home EMF Protection

NEW Green 8 Body Premium Harmoniser 5G - WINNER of Janey Loves 2020 Platinum Awards, Best EMF Protection

Green 8 Body Premium Harmoniser (4G) - WINNER of Janey Loves 2015 Platinum Awards, Best EMF Protection

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