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Where would we be without our mobile phones? All over the world, portable devices such as the smartphone are the main source of communication. With roughlybillion smart phones in use around the world today. It’s actually been researched and recorded that people use their mobiles every six minutes, around 150 times a day! These statics don’t factor in the times we also expose ourselves to using iPads, Wi-Fi-based laptops.

We even pile on exposure to baby monitors cordless phones in our daily routines, meaning we could well be exposed to EMF Radiation for up to and beyond 24 hours. 

Interesting article published in the Journal of Natural Health Solutions

NEW GREEN 8 evolution 5G - adapted to the 4G/5G mobile telecommunication

Green 8 Evolution classic (3G & 4G) Winner of the 2017 Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARD   

EMF PROTECTION Winner - Green 8 Evolution Smartphone EMF Protection - Bio Protective Systems

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