Green 8 Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Products Protect You and Your Family Against EMF Radiation from Electro Pollution.

Electromagnetic Radiation Pollution has increased dramatically due to the rising number of terminal devices and their required infrastructure. We’ve got Wireless Internet, Mobile Communications Towers (Mobile Phone Masts), Satellite GPS Systems, PC, Laptop and Tablet Computers, Mobile/Smart Phones and Digital Cordless DECT Phones, Televisions, Electronic Games, GPS, Household Appliances, and more in our Environment! It’s a part of everyone’s daily life to use the modern convenient gadgets.
Indisputably these are all Indispensable Tools for Today’s Mobile Society!

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Just Ask Yourself is Your Life Great or Are You Feeling the Electro Stress?

Safety is a basic requirement, whether you are buying a car tyre, purchasing life insurance or selecting your groceries. Then what about the Safety when it comes to Electromagnetic Radiation Emissions to which we are exposed to daily at Home, Work, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals etc.? Learn here about Electrosmog.

Everyone lives near or uses something with an electrical current which emits electromagnetic radiation continuously. Perhaps you live or work near Pylons, Mobile Phone Masts, Wi-Fi Hotspots or you are affected by the Earth's Natural Radiation - Geopathic Stress and feel sensitive to the Electromagnetic Radiation!

Try Green 8 EMF Radiation Protection Products and see what happens! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Customers' Experiences - Green 8 EMF Radiation Protection Products:

“I have used the Transformer 28-4G-W for several weeks now and these are the changes I have noticed:  My joint pain has reduced by approx. 80% - Fatigue and 'brain fog' much reduced - Whole family sleeping much better (deeper sleep). Including my toddler who has been a shocking sleeper until this point. I have been taking a Green 8 Gold Large in to work (primary school) and I feel much less drained by the end of the day.” Rachael, Cheshire, UK

“I bought three packs of green 8 foils and would recommend them. I use them on my cordless house phone, mobile phone and also our baby monitor & sensor mat. I have noticed a great difference in the mobile especially as it doesn’t get hot or give me a head ache any more when I am chatting for a long time.” Alex Little, North Yorkshire, UK

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